About the BID

BID Overview

The Downtown Denver Business Improvement District is a public organization funded by private commercial property owners.  The 120 block District provides a clean, safe and vibrant Downtown environment for workers, residents and visitors.  Through annual assessments paid to this quasi – governmental entity, BID property owners fund a series of district-wide programs that enhance Downtown Denver, including cleaning and maintenance efforts, safety initiatives, targeted visitor marketing, economic development and holiday programs. 

Through and intergovernmental agreement with the City and County of Denver, the BID enhances basic City wide services through the District. The BID contracts with the Downtown Denver Partnership for management services.  Through DDP, the BID’s work plan is implemented. 

As of 2014, there are 420 private commercial property owners in the BID. The BID’s boundaries extend from Speer Boulevard to 20th Street, and from Wewatta Street to Grant Street.

To contact the BID  for additional information please call 303-534-6161.

History of the BID

Created in 1982 as the Mall Management District (MMD), the BID was formed in 1992 upon the sunset of the MMD’s charter. At its formation in 1982, the bulk of the BID’s day-to-day cleaning and maintenance services were provided on the 16th Street Mall. In November 2001, Downtown commercial property owners approved an increased budget that allowed core cleaning services-including sidewalk sweeping, trash removal, and graffiti removal-to be extended throughout the 120-block district. Additionally, the Lower Downtown extension of the 16th Street Mall between Market Street Station and Wynkoop Street received additional enhancements such as flower planting, landscaping, tree maintenance and snow removal.

Delivery of enhanced services on the Lower Downtown extension of the 16th Street Mall began on January 1, 2002, with core cleaning and maintenance services extended to the remainder of the 120-block district on May 1, 2002.

The BID’s authority sunsets every ten years.  In October 2011, Downtown property owners approved the renewal of the BID’s authority for another 10 years period.

How property owners are assessed

  • BID Property owners are assessed on an annual basis.  Calculations reflect a separation of BID activities into 16th Street Mall-related activity and District-wide activity.  Assessments are allocated to benefit zones based on benefits received from both types of activity.  Benefits received from Mall-related activity decrease as distance from the Mall increases, whereas benefits from District-wide activity are constant across the District.  The sum of these two factors is represented by the Price Per Assessable Square Foot by zone listed below. 
  • There are 12 benefit zones within the BID, and each benefit zone is responsible for a percentage of the total budget.  Assessments are based on Net Assessable Square Feet, which are calculated using land square footage and 15% of the building square footage minus any special zoning discounts. Special zoning discounts apply to properties located in B-7 (33% discount) and R-4 (60% discount) zones.

The mathematical formula used to calculate the BID assessment is:

[(LSF + 15% BSF) * SZD] * PPSF = BID Assessment

where:                    LSF = Land Square Footage

BSF = Building Square Footage

SZD = Special Zoning Discount

PPSF = Price Per Assessable Square Foot


The 2012 Prices Per Assessable Square Foot are:

  • Zone 1                                       $.497991
  • Zone 2                                       $.376243
  • Zone 3                                       $.320060
  • Zone 4                                       $.276557
  • Zone 5                                       $.224618
  • Zone 6                                       $.394709
  • Zone 7                                       $.361117
  • Zone 8                                       $.290627
  • Zone 9                                       $.265256
  • Zone 10                                     $.224624
  • Zone 11                                     $.187560
  • Zone 12                                     $.186126