About The Partnership

Every day is our chance to make Downtown Denver a little better – and that is what we have been doing since 1955.

The Downtown Denver Partnership creatively plans, manages and develops Downtown Denver as the unique, diverse, vibrant and economically healthy urban core of the Rocky Mountain Region that is recognized for being prosperous, walkable, diverse, distinctive and green.

The Partnership also manages the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District (BID) that provides enhanced services to make Downtown Denver a cleaner, safer and more vibrant place.

Throughout the year, the Downtown Denver Partnership hosts an array of large and small scale events, providing a variety of ways to stay engaged in the organization. To see a list of events members can get involved in, click here.

To read the Partnership’s latest Annual Report, click here.


The Partnership’s strategic plan articulates the mission, vision and core values and guides our special projects and daily work as we work with our partners to build a better city.

The Partnership is a leader, place-maker, convener, idea generator, facilitator, recruiter, team-builder and policy advocate. The Partnership’s key areas of focus – Leadership, Environment, Experience, Jobs, Connections and Housing – are the basic, integrated elements of our organization.

To learn about the accomplishments and initiatives of the Downtown Denver Partnership, download our annual report.

Initiatives & Planning

In addition to the goals highlighted in the Annual Report, the Partnership works on a variety of initiatives that are interconnected and essential to making our Downtown a unique and vibrant area. To learn more, click here.