Vibrant Spaces that Excite and Inspire

Building a thriving center city begins at the Downtown Denver Partnership. We’re managing special districts to create vibrant spaces that excite and inspire and curating partnerships that make it all possible.

The Downtown Denver Partnership manages special districts throughout the center city. Inspired by a spirit for continual progress, we are driving a culture convergence and creating experiences unlike any other that connect people to place. Visit all of our special districts to understand why Downtown Denver is the place people and businesses want to be.

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Downtown Denver Business Improvement District

The Downtown Denver Business Improvement District (BID) spans a 120-block district providing a clean, safe and vibrant Downtown environment for workers, residents and visitors. The BID contracts with the Downtown Denver Partnership for management services to implement its work plan.

16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver

16th Street Mall

Built in 1982, the 16th Street Mall is a main attraction for a rapidly growing number of visitors, workers, residents and conventioneers. The Mall is one of Downtown's most important public spaces and vital connectors, featuring outdoor cafes, historic and modern office buildings, shops, restaurants and retail.

14th Street GID Downtown Denver

14th Street General Improvement District

Spanning Market Street to Colfax, 14th Street has been dubbed the Ambassador Street due to its concentration of visitor-oriented facilities – including the Colorado Convention Center and the Denver Performing Arts Complex. 14th Street is the front door to Downtown for many visitors and serves as the welcome mat that creates a lasting first impression.

Denver Theatre District

Home to the Denver Performing Arts Complex, Denver Theatre District (DTD) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) created to enhance Downtown Denver through public art investment, city and regional art and cultural promotions. With entertainment, art and live events happening every week, DTD is a vibrant, unique and colorful place to be in Downtown.

Wynkoop Plaza Downtown Denver

Wynkoop Plaza

Wynkoop Plaza at Denver Union Station features approximately 30,000 square feet of public space just outside the doors of Denver's multi-modal transit hub featuring vibrant, restaurants and retail.

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