14th Street General Improvement District

14th Street is Downtown Denver's "Ambassador Street," serving as the front door to Downtown Denver for many visitors and serves as the welcome mat that creates a lasting first impression.

Spanning Market Street to Colfax, 14th Street has been dubbed Downtown Denver’s “Ambassador Street” due to its concentration of visitor-oriented facilities – including the Colorado Convention Center and Denver Performing Arts Complex.

Services along the street are a shared responsibility between the 14th Street GID, the City and County of Denver, the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District and property owners.

14th Street GID Responsibilities:

  • Maintain landscaping, planters and trees
  • Recycling receptacles (empty and maintain)
  • Water and electric utilities (repair, coordination, replacement)
  • Monument signs maintenance and repair
  • Property owner communication

City and County of Denver responsibilities:

  • All street repairs and maintenance (between the curbs)
  • Traffic signal repairs
  • Crime and safety issues

Downtown Denver Business Improvement District responsibilities:

  • Trash removal
  • Daily litter patrol and pick-up (first thing in the morning)
  • Sidewalk power washing (twice annually)
  • Removal of graffiti from public fixtures and furnishings

GID Property Owner Responsibilities:

2019 Denver 14th Street General Improvement District Advisory Board:

  • Creighton Ward, President | Centennial Realty Advisors, LLC
  • Mark Katz, Vice President | NAI Shames Makovsky
  • Michael Kerrigan, Treasurer | City and County of Denver, Finance
  • Karen Good, Secretary | City and County of Denver, Public Works
  • Rick Kron, Legal Advisor | Spencer Fane LLC
  • Ed Blair | The Curtis – Downtown Denver
  • Lance Zanett | Colorado Convention Center
  • Jeani McDowell | Cushman & Wakefield