Downtown Denver Launches Denver 2030 District

The Denver 2030 District is a community of high performance buildings in Downtown Denver that aims to dramatically reduce energy and water consumption and reduce emissions from transportation while increasing competitiveness, reducing resource use, and increasing owners’ returns on investment. The Denver 2030 District facilitates strategic partnerships to provide building owners, property managers, developers and professional service providers with the education, services, tools and support needed to accomplish the performance goals of the District.

“The 2030 Districts aim to reduce energy, water, and transportation-related CO2 emissions to address climate issues but also, in this case, to make Denver more economically competitive,” said Adam Knoff, Chair of the Denver 2030 District Board of Directors. “It gets there by reducing the cost of doing business, which in this case is lowering utility bills and stimulating 21st century jobs through building retrofits and improvements. The idea is that through an effort like this, Denver becomes a much more competitive city for attracting and retaining businesses.”

2030 Districts are forming in metropolitan cities across the country to meet the energy, water and vehicle emissions reduction targets for existing buildings and new construction called for by Architecture 2030 in the 2030 Challenge for Planning. Launching with 32 members that represent over 11 million square feet of Downtown commercial space, the Denver 2030 District is bringing together property owners and managers with local government, businesses and other community stakeholders to create a groundbreaking high performance building district in Downtown Denver.

Supported by Mayor Michael B. Hancock, the Downtown Denver Partnership and the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District as an economic development initiative, the Denver 2030 District aims to keep our center city nationally competitive in attracting and retaining regional and corporate offices of major companies.

To learn more about the Denver 2030 District or to learn how to become a member or strategic partner, please visit