Downtown Area Plan

The Downtown Denver Partnership, with funding support from the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District (BID) and numerous other public and private sector entities, worked in partnership with the City and County of Denver to produce the 2007 Denver Downtown Area Plan. The plan reflects the community’s vision for a livable, healthy, economically vibrant and exciting Downtown and provides a foundation for strategic actions that shape Downtown’s future development, enhance connections to surrounding neighborhoods and strengthen Downtown’s role as the heart of the region.

The Denver City Council adopted the 2007 Downtown Area Plan in July 2007. The plan serves as a benchmark for public and private decisions that affect the form and function of Downtown. Downtown Denver must solidify its reputation as the region’s economic, cultural and recreational capital. To accomplish this overarching goal, the Downtown Area Plan establishes five vision elements and 19 strategy elements of which seven are major “transformative” projects.

The five vision elements that support the overarching vision of a vibrant Downtown are:
1. A prosperous city
2. A walkable city
3. A diverse city
4. A distinctive city
5. A green city

Within the 19 strategies and projects, seven transformative projects are highlighted for extra emphasis. While all 19 strategy elements are essential to achieving the plan’s vision, seven of them are critical, because without early concentrated effort in these area, the other elements of the plan will not be as successful. These seven strategies and projects include:
1. Energizing the commercial core
2. Building on transit
3. Creating grand boulevards
4. Embracing adjacent neighborhoods
5. Connecting the Auraria Campus
6. Downtown’s new neighborhood Arapahoe Square
7. A rejuvenated Civic Center

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i. Introduction

ii. Strategy Framework

iii. Plan Strategies and Projects

iv. District Strategies

v. Moving Forward




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