Shaping the Next Generation of Center City Leaders

CityBuild Denver is a group of energetic individuals working to create a platform for Denver enthusiasts who span different industries and communities to come together and collaborate on big ideas that help shape and create a better Downtown Denver.

Get Involved with CityBuild Denver

The Downtown Denver Partnership understands the important role attracting a young and diverse audience plays in creating a vital and vibrant center city. CityBuild acts as an inclusive community where Millennials can connect over one simple idea – “Denver is my home.” CityBuild Denver aims to educate these Denverites about city building techniques and provide them with the platform, connections and resources to create positive change within the center city.

Ballots & Brews

The countdown is on to November 6th and it's more important than ever to be well-informed as you fill out your ballot. YOU have the power to make a positive impact on Denver and Colorado, and CityBuild Denver is here to help. Join us on October 23rd for the ballot knowledge you need (and the after-work beer you want).

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