16th Street Mall

Built in 1982, the 16th Street Mall is a tree-lined promenade of red and gray granite that runs through the center of Downtown. It is the premier pedestrian environment in the Rocky Mountain Region.

As the commercial heart of Downtown Denver, it is a main attraction for a rapidly growing number of visitors, workers, residents and conventioneers. The Mall is filled with outdoor cafes, renovated historic office buildings, sparkling glass-walled skyscrapers, shops, restaurants and retail stores.

With nearly 50,000 people using the FREE MallRide on an average weekday, the Mall has become the linchpin of RTD’s transportation system by connecting light rail stations, express bus terminals and local bus routes between the Denver Union Station and Civic Center. Free shuttle buses cruise the mile-long Mall seven days a week.

The Mall has received accolades for its visionary urban design guidelines, which preserved impressive sight lines, encouraged the addition of public art and created a “sunshine ordinance” to enforce height restrictions, thereby allowing sunlight to reach the street. These guidelines also require ground floor retail in all new developments and encourage the preservation of the facades of historic buildings that line the Mall today.

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Information Centers are located at 16th Street and California Street on the 16th Street Mall.