2020 Telework & Commute Survey

We know your experience working in Downtown Denver has looked different this year. You may be working from home full time, you may be working from your downtown office/business full time, or you may be doing a combination of telework and commuting. Whatever your current work experience looks like, the Downtown Denver Partnership wants to hear all about it!

Understanding how our workforce travels to and through our center city is critical now more than ever. With the sudden shift to teleworking and remote work, learning about the habits and preferences of Downtown Denver’s workforce will allow us to develop a more responsive and complete mobility network. 

The results of this survey will also provide downtown employers with key information about employees’ transportation needs and preferences through anonymized and aggregated company reports. 

Please take a few minutes to tell us about your current commute and/or teleworking experience as we work to create a mobility system that serves everyone in our center city.


Do you work for a Downtown Denver business?

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