Plaza Permit Fee Schedule

A permit application must be submitted for any activity directed at broad public participation that reasonably could involve a gathering of more than 20 people at any one time or a private gathering that reasonably anticipates more than 20 people in attendance or that reasonably anticipates more than 5 people in attendance and is expected to last longer than 4 hours.

Permit applications must be received a minimum of 30 days in advance. Rush processing fees will apply to permit applications received less than 30 days in advance. For rush applications, additional documentation may be required from the applicant to confirm that they will be able to comply with Wynkoop Plaza Use Permit Guidelines in spite of the shortened planning time. Copies of supplier agreements may be required to verify contracted services.

Permit Fees and Security Deposits are based on the number of attendees, duration of event, amplified sound, equipment, food or beverage sales or distribution, and whether the event requires one or both plazas. Events requiring amplified sound, more equipment, food or beverages, and/or more space may result in a higher category and fee even if the hours of duration or number of attendees qualify for a lower category.

If power is required, an outlet fee will be charged in addition to the permit and security deposit.

Non-profit organizations must provide proof of 501 c-3 status to receive the not for profit prices. The non-profit organization must be the applicant and assume responsibility as the primary event organizer. 

Application Fee: $25 

Late Fee: For applications submitted less than 30 days before event, a late processing fee of $75 will be charged in addition to the standard $25 application fee. (Total application fee of $100)