Great Cities Are Built by People

At the Downtown Denver Partnership we believe that every day is your chance to make this city a better place.

Our team at the Downtown Denver Partnership is made up of passionate, qualified city builders who, in partnership with our Board of Directors and Members, are leading the charge to build an economically powerful center city.

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The Team

(303) 571-8203

Adina Johnson

Senior Director, Civic Leadership & Engagement

(303) 571-8230

Amanda Miller

Manager, Sustainability Initiatives


Amy Tarczynski

Manager, Civic Engagement

(303) 571-8219

Andrew Iltis

Vice President, Planning & Community Impact

(303) 571-8235

Angela Esquibel

Coordinator, Member Retention

(303) 571-8237

Aylene McCallum

Vice President, Civic Leadership & Engagement

(303) 571-8226

Beth Moyski

Senior Vice President, Downtown Environment

(303) 825-6791

Bob Pertierra

Senior Vice President, Economic Development

Brady Miller

Coordinator, Public Events

Esther Lee Leach

Vice President, Development & Fundraising


Chantel Allbee

Senior Manager, Denver Startup Week & Civic Engagement

Claire Coward

Project Manager, Downtown Experience

Dil Khan

Coordinator, Creative Content

(303) 685-7370

Ellen Forthofer

Manager, Urban Planning

(303) 571-8215

Hayden Plemmons

Senior Director, Organizational Operations

Josh Schneider Downtown Denver Partnership (303) 571-8255

Josh Schneider

Vice President, Marketing and Communications

(303) 571-8202

Kate Barton

Chief of External Affairs & Managing Director

(303) 534-6161

Kourtny Garrett

President & CEO

Lauren O’Brien

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

(710) 510-9456

Max Gesten

Specialist, Community Impact & Mobility

(303) 571-8221

Pamela Sellden

Manager, Downtown Environment

(720) 510-9459

Peter Adeyeye

Manager, Research

(303) 472-0127

Ryan Butcher

Senior Specialist, Downtown Environment

Ryan Ertman

Director, Safety & Security

(303) 571-8238

Sabina Valencia Chavez

Senior Specialist, Downtown Operations

(303) 825-6791

Sarah Wiebenson

Director, Economic Development

(303) 571-8224

Sharon Alton

Senior Vice President, Downtown Experience

(303) 571-8229

Staci Savas

Executive Assistant to the President/CEO

(303) 571-8233

Teresa Densmore

Manager, The Commons on Champa


Trevor Haag

Program Assistant, Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Tricia Erickson

Staff Accountant

(303) 571-8625

Tyree Johnson

Office Coordinator

(303) 571-8210

Vince Martinez

Senior Director, Downtown Environment, LPM

(303) 571-8227

Will Sheehan

Specialist, Creative Content

Zach Harris

Program Assistant, Economic Development