Supporting an Economically Powerful Downtown Denver

The Downtown Denver BID assists in funding various business recruitment and retention efforts undertaken by the Downtown Denver Partnership, all aimed at creating a safe, welcoming and inclusive Downtown Denver.

Downtown’s economy is thriving, and the BID works to build on this momentum to further strengthen the Downtown Denver economy. We worked successfully with dozens of companies, developers, and retailers looking to invest in Downtown, including Uniqlo, Whole Foods Market, Prologis, HomeAdvisor, and Target.

The BID’s targeted visitor marketing and communications reach hundreds of thousands of people through its strategic efforts, to the benefit of restaurants, retailers and hotels.

Doing Business on the Mall

The 16th Street Mall is considered the premier pedestrian environment in the Rocky Mountain region. It is the commercial heart of Downtown Denver and a main attraction for a rapidly growing number of visitors and conventioneers.

Businesses in the Downtown Denver BID

Explore Downtown Denver’s expansive list of shops, restaurants, hotels, attractions and more.

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