Pedestrian Environment

Creating an inviting pedestrian environment to stimulate economic activity is a primary goal of the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District (BID). This is why the BID invests in trees, flower planters, streetscape enhancements, banners and wayfinder signs throughout the District, as well as in activities and events on the 16th Street Mall.

Downtown Denver 16th Street Mall

Developing an Inviting Urban Tree Canopy

As Downtown Denver continues to grow and thrive, a well-canopied pedestrian environment has increasing benefits to property owners and pedestrians alike.

16th Street Mall Downtown Denver

Streetscape and Planters

The 16th Street Mall is Downtown's most heavily-utilized pedestrian street, making beautification efforts a key priority for the BID.

16th Street Mall Downtown Denver

Wayfinding in the BID

Wayfinder signage is found in key locations in the District. The BID maintains signs along the 16th Street Mall and in the Convention Center corridor. Signage is also located along 14th Street and is maintained by the 14th Street General Improvement District.

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Events in the BID

Special events contribute to the vibrancy of the BID. From live music and theatrical performances, to farmer's markets and pop-up beer gardens, there is always something exciting happening in the BID.