Streetscape and Planters

The BID has partnered with property owners and the city on numerous streetscaping projects that enhance the pedestrian experience.

Over the years, the BID has consistently supported enhancements that help turn the community into an inviting destination. Since 2005, the BID has implemented streetscaping on the following streets:

  • California Street – Street trees, planters, new paving, banner poles and other amenities have been installed along California Street between 14th Street and 17th Street. The project was done in phases beginning in 2005, with the most recent section complete in 2011. The improvements were funded by the City and County of Denver through the Better Denver Bond Program. The BID maintains the streetscaping.
  • Larimer Street – Street trees, new paving and other amenities were installed along Larimer Street between 15th Street and 17th Street in 2010. The project was funded by the City of Denver’s Better Denver Bond Program. The BID maintains the improvements in front of the commercial properties.
  • 14th Street – This $14 million streetscape project was a transformative project for Downtown Denver. The BID was a key player in leading the effort along with the Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP), the City of Denver and property owners along 14th Street. The project was funded in part by the Better Denver Bond Program and by the property owners. The BID provides a base level of services in the corridor and the 14th Street General Improvement District funds maintenance for the improvements. For more information on 14th Street, click here.

Off-Mall Planters

The BID has also focused efforts throughout the District by placing more than 450 flower pots on streets off the 16th Street Mall. Each year, property owners are provided with an opportunity to help fund the capital cost of planters in front of their property and the BID commits to maintain these planters. These contributions have helped the program grow and have added vitality and greenery through the District.

Wayfinder Signage

Wayfinder signage is found in key locations in the District. The BID maintains signs along the 16th Street Mall and in the Convention Center corridor. Signage is also located along 14th Street and is maintained by the 14th Street General Improvement District.