Wayfinding in the BID

Wayfinder signage is found in key locations in the District, helping visitors and locals alike navigate Downtown Denver with ease. The BID maintains signs along the 16th Street Mall and in the Convention Center corridor. Signage is also located along 14th Street and is maintained by the 14th Street General Improvement District.

IKE-Interactive Kiosk Experience

The Downtown Denver Partnership is proud to have launched IKE, a first-of-its-kind interactive kiosk experience designed to provide information, engage users and support economic development Downtown. IKE, a collaboration between the Downtown Denver Partnership (Partnership) and Street Media Group, and developed with the support of several Colorado-based businesses, is a pilot program created to support the Partnership’s 20-year vision for Downtown by providing a comprehensive wayfinding system that leverages technology, promotes retail goods and services, and helps welcome international visitors to the center city.

IKE enhances the Downtown experience all day, every day at twelve locations Downtown, including nine along the 16th Street Mall and additional locations on 15th and 14th Streets, by serving as an:

  • Information Portal – IKE is an interactive directory of places to eat, shop, play and stay Downtown. It also hosts a comprehensive event listing and supports “Getting Around” Downtown through maps, walking directions and information on transit routes. IKE is an enhancement of the Partnership’s printed guides, including its Map and Directory and Events Flyer, which will continue to be printed and available throughout Downtown.
  • Engagement Opportunity – IKE encourages two-way dialogue through its “Question of the Week” application, has a photo booth where users can send photos to their mobile devices, and games that provide exclusive offers for those who participate.
  • Economic Development Tool – IKE enhances the economic activity of Downtown by providing unique promotional opportunities for businesses, the opportunity to welcome new businesses, and also builds upon Downtown’s emphasis on technology and innovation.
  • Safety Resource –IKE is capable of displaying critical safety and emergency announcements both visually and with sound. IKE’s large, bright screens also provide additional lighting to enhance areas after dark.

Transit Pillars

More than 20 transit pillars have been installed at transit stops throughout the BID as an opportunity to enhance wayfinding and transit use by providing real-time bus arrival times on digital screens and area maps displaying destinations that are within an easy walk from each Transit Pillar to support a multi-modal and pedestrian-friendly Downtown environment.

Click here to view a map of current Transit Pillar locations or click here to download a list of exact locations.

How to advertise

To learn more about advertising opportunities on IKE and Transit Pillars, please contact salesinquiry@orangebarrelmedia.com.