Safe, Welcoming and Inclusive

The Downtown Denver Business Improvement District is committed to creating a safe, welcoming and inclusive Downtown Denver.

One of the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District’s (BID) core priorities is to maintain a clean and safe Downtown environment. The BID focuses efforts on maintenance, operations and safety services throughout the 120-block District. By partnering with private contractors, the City of Denver, Consolidated Services Group (CSG), public utilities and Downtown property owners, the BID provides critical services needed to maintain the District. The maintenance and operations team works on a year-round, seven-day-a-week schedule to keep the 120-block District, the 16th Street Mall and its amenities clean.

Resources for Businesses

Block Safety

There are many City ordinances and resources to be aware of to ensure block safety. Protect your business with the following information, resources, and agreements.

Download the Clean and Safe App Resources for Business Owners Security Assessment for Your Business View the Full No-Trespass Agreement

Waste Receptacles & Alleyways

Denver requires all businesses to maintain and clean their outdoor waste receptacles, including the area around the waste receptacles.

See the Full Compliance Requirements

Other Resources

For a look inside the Downtown Denver Partnership and Downtown Denver BID’s plan to create a safe and welcoming downtown community, please review our Security Action Plan. Businesses are also encouraged to join our Public Shared Radio network to increase and leverage situational awareness. 

See the Security Action Plan View the Public Radio Packet

Resources for the Public

Denver Police Department Resources

The Downtown Denver BID works closely with the Denver Police Department to keep downtown safe for employees, residents, and visitors. This brochure has a list of resources to help you stay informed about specific issues and important events, be proactive in crime prevention, and play an active role in the decision-making processes affecting downtown.

Download the Clean and Safe App View Resources from Denver Police Department See the Steps for Online Reporting

Online Crime Reporting

You may file a police report using our secure, online reporting system for some types of crimes. If you are interested in reporting another type of incident, or if there is a known suspect in the incident you’re reporting, please call the Denver Police Department’s non-emergency line at (720) 913- 2000. Dial 911 for emergencies only.

Private Security Team

The BID deploys a private security team within the 120 block BID district 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as part of the comprehensive Downtown Denver Security Action Plan. Private security officers play an ambassadorial role for visitors, help direct individuals in need of social services to the appropriate resources, as well as work closely with Denver Police Department officers and private businesses in addressing unlawful behavior. 

Homeless Outreach Services

The BID funds homeless outreach initiatives through its support of the St. Francis Center Homeless Outreach Program. The program connects those in need with critical services and shelter. Since 2004, the BID has contributed more than $1 million in funding for social service outreach.

Home Safety

  • Keep your doors and windows locked.
  • Never let anyone know you are home alone.
  • Make sure your house numbers are visible for police or fire response.
  • Keep your shrubs trimmed below your windows.
  • Install a motion sensor to light up your driveway and doorways.

Vehicle Theft

  • Always lock your car and roll up your windows.
  • Remove valuables from your car, even when you are parked in front of your home.
  • Park in a well lit, highly visible area.

Register Your Bike

Register your bike online to assist with recovery of your bike should it get lost or stolen and can also assist in the successful identification of injured cyclists. Click here to register.

Read the Latest BID Annual Report

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