May 3, 2021

Congratulations to Elements’ Funding Recipient, Microffee, and founder Eduardo Guart

“An innovator is first and foremost a creator, a problem solver with a deep passion for improving something. Innovators are thinkers.  But an entrepreneur is driven to act, to build. This includes building the businesses that make and sell the things that innovators think up, because entrepreneurs are doers.” James Clifton, The Gallup Institute

Elements has partnered with The Commons on Champa, an initiative of the Downtown Denver Partnership, to provide pre-seed funding to underrepresented entrepreneurs each year. When small and medium sized businesses are dying faster than they’re being born, so is free enterprise. The problem isn’t that there isn’t enough innovation. It’s that there aren’t enough entrepreneurs starting new businesses. The Commons on Champa and Elements have come together to make a difference and create a blueprint that can help support underrepresented entrepreneurs in Downtown Denver.

Given Elements’ history and passion for entrepreneurs, supporting the BIPOC and female population is an economic imperative, and investing in businesses and education is foundational to Elements’ diversity, equity and inclusion plan.  Supporting small businesses is the foundation for economic development for people of color. Those who are eligible to apply for this funding have participated in CO.STARTERS and/or Champions, cohort-based accelerator and mentorship programs offered by The Commons on Champa that provide entrepreneurs with a solid foundation for growing a business in Denver.

This year’s winner is Microffee, the largest coffee beans marketplace in the world, and owner Eduardo Guart. Microffee was founded with the belief that micro roasters and coffee enthusiasts deserve direct access to coffee growers and verified farms to secure their best micro-lot selections. For this reason, Microffee is committed to offer the best rated and most diverse selection of high-quality coffee varieties and single origin from around the world.

Eduardo’s defined value proposition distinguished his business from his competitors and set him apart as this year’s recipient.  Eduardo explained what this funding means for his business: “I’m honored and very grateful to receive this grant, and to have the opportunity to partner with Elements Seed Funding. This is a great incentive to continue developing Microffee’s marketing strategy and cover some additional company expenses.”

Congratulations to this year’s Elements’ funding recipient, Eduardo Guart and Microffee! See his pitch video here.