October 27, 2021 Downtown Stories

Convening Our Community in the Name of Tree Health

On September 30th, the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District hosted a volunteer event to inventory the tree grates within the district. The purpose of the event was to determine which trees are growing into the grate while convening community members to learn about tree health, maintenance, and the benefit of trees. Tree grates are an ideal solution for urban trees that protect the tree’s rooting zone from the hustle and bustle of city commuters, and tree grates are designed to accommodate various stages of tree growth. However, over time, the tree trunk can grow into the grate. This causes injury to the trunk’s surface and makes the tree more susceptible to disease.  

Volunteers utilized a map and methodology developed by DDBID staff for the event. We had over 50 volunteers show up and made swift process – inventorying the entire district in just one afternoon! In the coming months, the DDBID will review the results and intervene to cut back grates that were prohibiting tree growth. Having mature trees within the district is crucial – they provide important economic, environmental, and wellness benefits 

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Amanda Miller

Manager, Sustainability Initiatives

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