February 8, 2023

Public Health & Public Safety Series Launches with 90-Day Report Out on Together We Will Initiative

Today, February 8th, marks 90 days since the Downtown Denver Partnership joined with a coalition of Downtown Action Partners to launch Together We Will, a coordinated strategy bringing strong enforcement with compassionate, community-minded response. The Action Partners convened today with the community for the first installment of the three-part Public Health & Public Safety Series.

The Partnership was joined by Kim Bowser, Commander District 6, Denver Police Department; Steven Martingano, Deputy Chief of Police, RTD; Armando Saldate, Executive Director, Department of Safety, City and County of Denver; Kerry Tipper, City Attorney, City and County of Denver for a report-out on the coalition’s efforts.

We are proud to announce that since launching Together We Will, the Action Partners have:

  • Made 506 proactive contacts for outreach and education
  • Referred 88 individuals to treatment, welfare checks and resource connections
  • Facilitated 8 direct connections to support
  • Issued 9 public health violation notices
  • Made 182 arrests/summons
  • Covered graffiti with nearly 37,000 square-feet of paint
  • Pressure washed 2,505 square feet of sidewalks

The Action Partners continue to collaborate on the implementation of this infusion of resources to address both immediate health and safety concerns in the center city, while simultaneously targeting root problems and long-term solutions to ensure Downtown Denver is a safe, vibrant, and welcoming environment for everyone. Alongside the Action Partners, a broad-based coalition of Advocacy Partners representing residents, businesses, and non-profits have come together to support these efforts and have committed to additional action. Click here to join this coalition in pledging your support.

The three-part Public Health & Public Safety Series will continue with a second session on Thursday, March 9, and a third on Wednesday, April 26. More information on the series and the Together We Will initiative can be found at DowntownDenver.com/safety.