March 11, 2021 City Building

Future of Cities: Downtown Denver in 2021 with Tami Door

There’s no way around it: the past year has been infinitely challenging. Downtown Denver and the businesses in the center city have been acutely impacted by the effects of the pandemic. And yet, we have seen extraordinary innovation, collaboration, and a deep commitment to our city demonstrated in all corners of our downtown ecosystem. The far-reaching impacts we’ve been able to yield together have inspired other groups and organizations in cities across the nation. In both the best of times and the most challenging of times, our Downtown Denver community exemplifies grit, resiliency, and dedication. 

Denver’s networks are filled with innovators, collaborators, and can-doers; and we know that now is not the time for us to pull back on building a city for everyone. The past year has emphasized the importance of envisioning the growth of Denver in ways that prioritize and support the mental and physical health of those who live and work downtown. Ongoing efforts, including the Urban Forest Initiative and the 5280 Trail, as well as new projects like the Outer Space, have shown that our community is on board with engaging and interacting with our city in new ways.

As we envision what life might look like in transition, there are many other moving pieces determining the future of Downtown Denver. In 2021 we will be pushing forward on key infrastructure developments along the 16th Street Mall, Civic Center, Skyline Park, and the 5280 Trail

Additionally, a key priority for the Partnership continues to be ensuring a policy landscape that allows businesses to thrive, and further supporting efforts and programs that encourage entrepreneurship and innovation across sectors. Businesses have been exhausted in the past year – facing this pandemic has been infinitely challenging. However, now is the time for us to stand up and look towards recovery as we lead our cities and businesses boldly and resourcefully. 

We are excited and honored to partner with local organizations and artists on efforts that paint Denver as a city of light, art, and culture. A core part of our strategy for 2021 focuses on capturing and creating opportunities for our community to bring expression and vibrancy to our shared public spaces. 

Impactful public art like the Denver Night Lights and Stand Tall Denver Art Sculptures continue the work of making our public spaces more welcoming, and build on the impacts of pre-pandemic projects – including the still-popular Between Us Alleyways artworks. Over the past year, these public art installations have allowed artists and community members alike to explore downtown’s spaces in creative and unexpected ways. As post-pandemic times begin to take shape, our community’s re-invigorated passion for uplifting downtown’s forgotten spaces will continue to drive these messages of hope.

In all of our efforts to push forward with developments, initiatives, and projects, we will also have the tough conversations behind the scenes, drive effective public policy, advocate for our local businesses, and champion diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

I want to thank you for being the constant source of motivation, encouragement, feedback, and support for our organization. Your passion and vision for our city and community are what make this work possible. If you are interested in hearing more about any of the projects above, sign up to hear when we post new blog content here. 

I look forward to continuing to collaborate with all of you as we continue to work to build our world-class city for everyone.