April 15, 2022

Meet Our Pop-Up Denver Businesses

The Downtown Denver Partnership is excited to announce the businesses selected to participate in Pop-Up Denver! With more than 150 applications, we had a diverse pool of businesses ranging from retail to food businesses, and everything in-between.  

Pop-Up Denver is an initiative to activate vacant storefronts in Denver’s most prominent commercial district, the 16th Street Mall, and more specifically, Upper Downtown. Partnering with the City of Denver Department of Economic Development and Opportunity (DEDO), the selection committee has chosen five stand-out businesses, awarding each with a $20,000 package in interior design, setup, and merchandising support, in addition to discounted rent.  

Ready to see these five businesses? Read on: 

Gallery 16; 918 16th St Mall, Denver, CO, 80202

Graffiti writer, fine artist, muralist, and curator with over twenty years of experience creating public art, commercial murals, live art performance, and curating events around art. 

Hamill Design Group (Travel Posters); 303 16th St Mall #120, Denver, CO, 80202

Travel Posters captures the landscapes and seascapes of the American travel experience. National Parks, cities and towns, mountains, shorelines, and unique features provide the inspiration for our designs. 

IEM Designs; 640 16th St Mall, Denver, CO, 80202, USA

Image En Mouvement (IEM) is a collective that was created to bring art to life via visual digital displays of dancers to be enjoyed by all, as part of the lifestyle brand of dance2b Studios.  

Museum for Black Girls; 702 16th St Mall, Denver, CO, 80202

Denver’s Museum for Black Girls gives Black women artists, and the public, a chance to focus on joy and magic in a self-driven pop-up.

Tea with Tae; 700 16th St Mall, Denver, CO, 80202

Tea with Tae is a woman-owned tea company offering premium teas sourced from some of the most exquisite and finest tea farms in the world. Our tea is served in eco-friendly tea sachets to preserve the sophisticated flavor profiles and aromas of each tea while maintaining the convenience of a tea bag.

We were thrilled to see over 150 businesses apply to be part of Pop-Up Denver. Check out our 10 additional Finalists below for a snapshot of the types of diverse businesses the program has attracted.   

Other Finalists: 

Bibamba Artisan Chocolate*

Founded by couple Patrick and Mara, Bibamba Artisan Chocolate connects Cameroon and Denver through chocolate. With farmland in Cameroon that plants cacao, plantain, and coffee seeds, this global chocolate company operates in Denver and offers delicious, premium chocolate.  

*Since selection, Bibamba was placed at a Kiosk in Union Station

Black Cube, Nomadic Art Museum 

Founded by Cortney Stell, Black Cube is a nonprofit, nomadic art museum that produces exciting contemporary art in the public realm. They’ve produced numerous public art installations and programs in Denver that have engaged and inspired audiences.   


Founded by Rachel Garcia, Colectiva is a Latino Cultural Arts Collective that supports local BIPOC artists, creatives, and makers by selling their merchandise. They curate culturally inspired experiences to elevate and promote Latino creatives via culture, art & cuisine.   


Founded by Cristian Peralta, Cristoara is a fashion apparel brand based in Denver. 

Denver Digerati 

Founded by Ivar Zeile, Denver Digerati is a nonprofit that supports digital animation, motion art, and artists utilizing technology-based tools to create their work. They host exhibitions, produce creative content, manage artist commissions, collaborate on events with organizations throughout the city, and more.   

Intruders Wear 

Founded by Lily Lazarraga, Intruders Wear is a Denver Based Thrift shop that sells repurposed vintage and thrifted clothes. They support local fashion designers, artists, and creatives by featuring their collections in their marketplace.  

Little Sistas Treats 

Created during the pandemic, Little Sistas Treats is the brainchild of two sisters, Char’Les and Zyaire. This dynamic duo sells delectable delights like Oreo cake, cupcakes, and their infamous fresh stuffed cheesecake cones. 

Outward Cartography 

Founded by Josh Moore, Outward Cartography creates custom, personalized map designs (with a particular focus on Colorado) and engraves them onto a variety of high-end, functional goods including fine glassware, wood, and marble coasters, flasks, and more.  

Snow Coast 

Founded by Gordon Darnell, Snow Coast is a premier family outfitter for sports and outdoor clothing. From tank tops to car decals, Snow Coast is a one-stop shop for all Colorado lovers.  

The Last Gameboard 

Founded by Shail Mehta-Schukar, Gameboard is a complete gaming system that lets you play with anyone, anywhere, and with any game piece. This immersive tabletop gaming is the next big thing in the gaming world.    

Our five new businesses will be popping up downtown in late Spring-early Summer. Keep up with what’s poppin’ with Pop-Up Denver by following us on social media @DowntownDenver!