March 9, 2023

Public Health and Public Safety Series Highlights Social Service Provision as Key Element of Together We Will Initiative

Today, March 9th, marks 120 days since the Downtown Denver Partnership joined with a coalition of Downtown Action Partners to launch Together We Will, a coordinated strategy bringing strong enforcement with compassionate, community-minded response. The Partnership hosted the second session in our 3-part Public Health and Public Safety Series today, which highlighted the community-minded, compassionate response strategies that are contributing to a safer downtown for all.  

Panelists Evan Dreyer, Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief Strategy Officer, Mayor’s Office; Mandy Fiegel, Outreach Case Coordinator Supervisor, Denver Police Department; Chris Richardson, Associate Director of Clinical Services, Wellpower; Lorez Meinhold, Executive Director, Caring for Denver Foundation; and Tristan Sanders, Director of Community & Behavioral Health, City and County of Denver discussed strategies to connect individuals to critical resources and how their respective efforts are positively impacting lives.  

The panel highlighted the critical nature of treating each person with an individualized approach with the understanding that no two people require the same resources or path forward. As the Together We Will initiative continues to evolve, social service providers and co-responders continue to aim to build greater trust with individuals in crisis and to increase awareness for services of all kinds available across the city. 

 Since the Together We Will initiative launched in November 2022, compassionate response efforts have resulted in: 

  • 790 proactive contacts for outreach and education 
  • Referral of 176 individuals to treatment, welfare checks and resource connections 
  • Facilitation of 24 direct connections to support 

 In addition, Downtown Action Partners have: 

  • Issued 25 public health violation notices  
  • Made 235 arrests/summons 
  • Covered graffiti with nearly 37,495 square-feet of paint 
  • Pressure washed 2,625 square feet of sidewalks 

The Downtown Action Partners continue to collaborate on the implementation of this infusion of resources to address both immediate health and safety concerns in the center city, while simultaneously targeting root problems and long-term solutions to ensure Downtown Denver is a safe, vibrant and welcoming environment for everyone. Alongside the Downtown Action Partners, a broad-based coalition of Advocacy Partners representing residents, businesses and non-profits have come together to support these efforts and have committed to additional action. Click here to join this coalition in pledging your support. 

 The 3-part Public Health and Public Safety Series will continue with a third session on Wednesday, April 26. More information on the series and the Together We Will inititative can be found at  

Missed today’s session? Watch the full program here: