May 11, 2021 City Building

We’ve Stood Tall Through it All: Now Denver’s Ready

There’s no way around it: the past year has been infinitely challenging for our businesses and downtown community. Amidst challenging circumstances, we’ve seen extraordinary innovation and collaboration in all corners of our downtown ecosystem. Over the course of the pandemic, the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District (BID) has worked diligently to ensure that our city is safe, bright, and welcoming for those who live and work in Denver to return to, and through it all, the Partnership has been helping businesses get funding, and connecting those in need to resources.

As we begin welcoming employees back to #DowntownDenver, we are excited to support the re-energizing of our center city and local businesses along with it. At the May 5 press conference launching the Denver’s Ready campaign, project partner and stakeholder Michael Johnston, CEO of Gary Community Investments shared, “A year ago, we were called on in a moment of crisis to do our parts and take care of our neighbor…we are now called in a different way to look after one another.”

We know this revival is no small task, and our coalition of business leaders, currently including 150 companies, are here to offer support. Check out these valuable resources for employers including downtown access to COVID-19 testing and vaccines, a CEO Playbook, and more.

Denver – we want to thank you for your courage and resilience. Thanks to our businesses’ proven COVID-19 protocols and the City and County of Denver’s widely accessible testing and vaccine sites, Denver’s Ready to reopen.  In both the best of times and the most challenging of times, our Downtown Denver community exemplifies grit, cooperation, and dedication, and over the coming months, we need to continue to work together as we support the diverse businesses that help make Denver, Denver.

Take the pledge, stand alongside Denver leaders and begin reopening your offices, at a pace that is right for your team.

We’ve sacrificed a lot to get this far, but our job is not done. Thank you for standing tall. 

#StandTallDenver #DenversReady

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Shelby Winter

Coordinator, Special Projects & Marketing

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