Building a City for Women as an Economic Imperative

The Downtown Denver Partnership is working to make Downtown Denver the first center city in the world that has a strategy focused on women and meeting their needs.

As the Downtown Denver Partnership works to build an economically powerful, inclusive, and diverse city, it is critical that our city is safe, welcoming, and a place where economic prosperity is available for all.

Women of color, LGBTQ women, and women across all walks of life, have not had an equal voice in how we build our cities. We are committed to changing that – building a city where all women are heard, cared for, and can ultimately thrive. Our cities are only as great as our people and we must support and empower all women to continue building a city for everyone.

In 2018, the Downtown Denver Partnership launched an effort to build a city for women as an economic imperative. Our goal is to remove barriers for women to equalize the urban experience.

Empowered & Successful Women are an Economic Imperative

women make up 70-80% of U.S. consumer spending
of Downtown Denver's population is female
of businesses are women-owned

Women & the Economic Vibrancy of our Downtown

1. What holds women back from making (even more) significant contributions to the economic vibrancy and overall health of our downtown?

2. Where can we directly facilitate women’s ability to make significant contributions to the economic vibrancy and overall health of our downtown?

Areas of Focus


Research & Initiatives

Building a city for women means having the right tools at our disposal to help make Downtown Denver a safe, welcoming, and prosperous place for all women. The Downtown Denver Partnership reviews and also engages in independent research to help create a city for women.

Learn more about the taskforce and key recommendations

Building a City for Women Every Step of the Way

The Downtown Denver Partnership is using the lens of how women experience the center city to influence our work across the organization.

The Commons on Champa | Empowering Female Entrepreneurs in Downtown Denver

The Commons on Champa is a nonprofit community resource and economic development initiative established to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in building an inclusive, vibrant local economy. Among other initiatives, The Commons works to empower women entrepreneurs with connection, guidance, and resources within our community. Women-focused programming includes Women’s Entrepreneurship Council, Women on the Rise, and more.

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