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CityLive, an initiative of the Downtown Denver Partnership, is for residents who want to engage more deeply with their city and with the projects, initiatives, people, and current events that impact those who live in and around Downtown Denver. Through content, connections, and experiences, CityLive provides residents with opportunities to be engaged, contributing members of the downtown community.

As a member of CityLive you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Attend events to learn, be inspired, and share feedback on topics like parks & public spaces, transportation, and safety & security;
  • Access exclusive opportunities to closely collaborate with City officials and community leaders;
  • Lend your voice to important initiatives, policies and plans;
  • Experience downtown and center city neighborhoods in new and unique ways;
  • Stay-up-to-date on what’s happening in your city through regular CityLive communications.


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By signing up for CityLive (all it takes is filling out a quick survey!), you'll start receiving CityLive meeting notifications, important updates on policies and initiatives, special invitations for focus groups and meet-and-greets, and opportunities to engage through community workshops and regular surveys. CityLive is free and open to all Denver residents.

Key Takeaways: City Council 101

Do you want to better understand how Denver City Council works? Read our recap of City Council 101 to learn more about how Denver's legislative branch works and what you can do to get engaged.

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At CityLive and the Downtown Denver Partnership, we're committed to bringing you the resources, experiences, and knowledge you need to be an engaged community member! As we continue to navigate the pandemic, we want to learn more about you and how you'd like to engage with CityLive.

November 2020 Election Results

At the Downtown Denver Partnership, we know that elections – no matter the size or scale – have the power to have major impacts on our city. And, we believe it is critically important to cast an educated vote – every time. The November 3, 2020 Election presented Denver voters with 20 state and local ballot measures, in addition to choices on important elected seats such as President of the United States. As of 11 p.m. on November 3rd, a record-breaking 82.5% of Denver voters (Colorado’s voter turnout is currently being reported at just over 78%) had their ballots counted.

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Attend the next CityLive event to connect with leaders, experiences, and knowledge that will help you be a more informed, engaged resident. CityLive events are free and open to all CityLive members.

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