Helping Your Employees
Commute Smart

The Downtown Denver Partnership is your centralized transportation resource. We work directly with Downtown companies – and those looking to relocate here – to identify the best and most valuable transportation-related benefits for employees and implement transportation programs within the workplace.

Commuting smart helps us all get into, around and out of Downtown Denver more efficiently.

We also help employees find and use commute options that will save money, save them from the frustrations of traffic and even improve their health and well-being.  These programs also reduce congestion and add to the vitality of the center city.

Commute Resources

The Downtown Denver Transportation Management Association (TMA), managed by the Downtown Denver Partnership, can assist Downtown Denver employers and employees with navigating the variety of available transportation options, passes and programs.

We provide the following services:

  • Individual Company Commuter Survey Reports
  • Transportation Benefits Consultation
  • On-site Transportation Fairs and Presentations
  • Commute Trip Planning for new and current employees
  • Transit Pass Purchasing Assistance

Sharing the Ride with My Way to Go

My Way to Go is your one-stop shop for information on transit, biking, walking, carpooling, vanpooling, and teleworking. Changing how you commute just one day a week helps reduce traffic, improve air quality, and save you time and money. You can also track your commute trips to see how the environmental and cost-saving benefits add up! To get started, click here.

This easy to use tool can match you with other employees in your area who are interested in sharing the ride to the office. The tool helps find fellow commuters who live/work near you and share similar working hours.

Carpooling and vanpooling offer additional solutions for the Downtown Denver commuter who has a commute over 20 miles.  If you’re commuting from Longmont, CastleRock, Greeley, or Evergreen, we can help you find a vanpool or carpool group that will save you time, money and stress.

Vanpooling works best for commuters who drive long distances, work fairly regular hours, don’t mind the company of others and want more of a commitment than a carpool.  The Denver Regional Council of Goverments (DRCOG) provides the van and pays for insurance, gas and maintenance All vans commuting within the RTD district receive a subsidy to reduce the total fare. There are numerous vanpools in the Denver metro area to choose from, so it’s likely there is a seat waiting for you!

In addition to saving money on fuel, there are also High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes on the interstates that can be utilized by carpoolers and vanpoolers alike.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

In case of an emergency or unexpected schedule change, Guaranteed Ride Home gives you and your employees peace of mind by providing on-call taxi service at no additional charge.

Projects and Programs

The Downtown Denver TMA has also been involved with a number of independent projects and programs, as well as a number of city-wide and regional projects and programs, including:

  • Bike to Work Day
  • Bike to Work Wednesdays
  • Denver Union Station Redevelopment
  • Civic Center Redevelopment
  • Drive Less Denver
  • Downtown Multimodal Access Plan
  • RTD FasTracks
  • Get Downtown Unconventionally
  • RideSmart Thursdays
  • Strategic Transportation Plan
  • Strategic Parking Plan