Walking and Biking

With pedestrian-friendly city blocks and miles of bike lanes, make our next trip a human-powered one!

In Downtown Denver, you’ll find pedestrian-friendly city blocks and miles of bike lanes. With over 20 miles of bike lanes in Downtown and easy access to the Cherry Creek and Platte River trails, bicyclists have safe and convenient options for biking into and around Downtown Denver. Based on the 2016 Commuter Survey, nearly 12 percent of Downtown employees commute to work by biking and walking.

Where can I lock my bike in Downtown Denver?

First, check with your building. Many of the large Downtown buildings offer secure bicycle parking for free or at a low rate. Otherwise, there are more than 600 racks throughout the center city, including “U” racks at every intersection along the 16th Street Mall. Please lock bicycles to bike racks rather than trees, street lights or other sidewalk furnishings along the sidewalks. Please do not park your bike on trees, light poles, or sidewalk cafe railings along the 16th Street Mall.

Can I ride my bike on the 16th Street Mall?

Bicycling (as well as skateboarding, rollerblading, and the use of Segways) is currently prohibited on the 16th Street Mall Monday through Friday.  You may ride on the Mall on Saturdays and Sundays. Bicycling is allowed on every other street in Downtown.

Can I take my bike on the RTD bus and rail?

Absolutely! It’s easy to take your bike along for the ride with RTD’s Bike-n-Ride. Bikes travel free on bus and rail on a first-come, first-served basis. If you only need your bike for part of the trip, RTD also offers bike lockers and racks at many Park-n-Rides and stations.