Advocating for Diversity in Housing Type and Affordability

The Partnership has and will continue to work collaboratively with the City, our Members and community leaders to work towards a goal that everyone who wants to live in the center city will have access to a place they can afford.

Residential development and access to high-quality amenities are critical components of attracting Downtown’s next generation workforce who continue to place Downtown living in high demand. The 2007 Downtown Area Plan highlights Downtown Living as a major component in creating a diverse city that is a socially and economically inclusive place. Residential development, affordable housing and Downtown amenities are all part of this equation.

Here are some of the ways the Downtown Denver Partnership has advocated for creating a diverse city through housing options:

Advocating for Construction Defects Legislation

A big challenge in creating a more diverse housing market in Downtown Denver has been construction defects legislation that exposes homebuilders and homeowners to a high-risk of expensive, time-consuming litigation. As members and significant investors in the Homeownership Opportunity Alliance, the Downtown Denver Partnership has long advocated for policy changes at the state and local government levels to address the challenges of construction defects on the Downtown housing market. We are pleased to have supported the following areas to address construction defects legislation, including:

Downtown Denver Partnership’s Housing Task Force

The Downtown Denver Partnership created its Housing Task Force to address the challenges facing residential development in the center city. The taskforce will review and advance housing programs, policies and initiatives that create and diversity housing opportunities in Downtown Denver and the surrounding center city neighborhoods. Comprised of a select group of Partnership Board Members and stakeholders, the task force also works with the Mayor and Denver City Council on several key housing initiatives.

  • In September 2016, the City and County of Denver established its first dedicated affordable housing fund that will generate an estimated $150 million to build and preserve 6,000 housing units in 10 years. The Downtown Denver Partnership, through the leadership of the Housing Task Force, were part of the process to evaluate and inform the proposed fund and spending plans.
  • In December 2016, Denver City Council approved the initial slate of appointments to Denver’s new Housing Advisory Committee, which was established as part of Denver’s first Dedicated Housing Fund Ordinance. Several Partnership Members and Board Members are represented on the committee.
  • In September 2017, the Partnership announced the development of an employer-focused Downtown Housing Plan to ensure the center city has the diversity of housing type and affordability necessary to ensure that employers can continue to recruit and retain employees and that businesses and the economy can continue to grow.
  • In 2017, the Partnership helped establish and advance the LIVE Denver program, a public-private partnership designed to create immediate affordable housing options by connecting vacant market rate units with workforce families and individuals. The program is part of the City’s 5-year Housing Strategy.

Downtown Amenities

Family housing in the center city can help provide a continuum for young couples to stay Downtown as they have children. Another component of creating a family-friendly, livable downtown is being able to offer the same type of amenities that are offered in a suburban neighborhood, including quality schools, grocery stores and retail options. The Partnership advocates for high-quality residential amenities and center city educational opportunities to support these goals.

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