Your Keys to the City

Wondering what these captivating pianos along the 16th Street Mall are all about?

Created by the Downtown Denver Partnership and managed by the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District, Your Keys to the City encourages residents, employees and tourists in Downtown Denver to interact with their public spaces in new and spontaneous ways – while contributing to the vibrancy within our urban core.

We invite you to play a tune and share your experience with us! #DowntownDenver

Each piano is painted with an original design from a local artist.

Summer 2018 Artists

Ann Vanatta Gutierrez


Title: Plays well with Others

Inspiration: “Swirls of spring and the circle of life in doodle form. I was inspired by how springtime brings a whimsical inexplicable bounce to the people of Denver”

Aundra Howard

Title: Jam Session

Inspiration: “This piece is inspired by my Jam Session Line at Grace Gallery”

Bridget Hassold

Title: Mile High City

Inspiration: “My inspiration comes from the Colorado flag, and the clouds are featured to represent the ‘high’ that comes from living in Colorado”

Jamie Hurt

Title: Imagine Piano

Inspiration: “The lyrics of John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’”

Sam Prien 

Title: Simetria de la Planta

Inspiration: “The inspiration of my piano is plant and flower based with a flower mandala as the focal point. I want my piano to convey the plant life cycle in an ornamental style while having lots of colors that pop and excite the eye.”


The pianos will be available to play on the 16th Street Mall daily from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. (weather permitting), May through September.

Please contact Katie Toney at with any questions!