Your Keys to the City

Wondering what these captivating pianos along the 16th Street Mall are all about?

Downtown Denver will once again be filled with spirited staccatos and alluring art through 5 pianos placed along the 16th Street Mall. The pianos are part of Your Keys to the City, a public piano art program managed by the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District that encourages residents, employees and visitors in Downtown Denver to spend some time exploring the sights and sounds of the 16th Street Mall in new and different ways. People are encouraged to enjoy each piano’s unique art, or take a seat and perform, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, weather permitting.

Street Mall

Summer 2019 Artist Details

Artist: Ann Gutierrez













Piano Title: Get Your Groove On

Description: This piano displays bright multicolored offset concentric circles with lots of dots. inspired by summer blooms and enjoying the colors of life!

About the Artist: “I create unordinary things out of everyday stuff and LOVE what i do for a living. i’ve always had a knack for repurposing items and an adoration of swirls, spirals, vibrant color, and things that glow in the dark. (all flowers have some type of glow!)  the word “eclectic” has been used to describe my style. so have the words “odd” and “bizarre”, but i take those as compliments! call my work whatever you want… i have fun!!”


Artist: Christiona Sierra











Piano Title: Beautiful Colorado

Description: This piano features multiple honey bees and honeycomb structures with one side of the piano blending into purple and columbines climbing up it. “Honeybees are such an important part of the beauty of our state and Columbine flowers are an obvious connection to our state as well as a wonderful outcome of keeping up bee population. Purple and yellow are also my personal favorite complimentary colors that will make the piano pop.”

Artist: Kasey Crall











Piano Title: Colorful Colorado

Description: This piano portrays a strong love for the state of Colorado, decorated to showcase the beautiful mountains, sunsets/sunrises, and of course the Aspen trees.

About the Artist: “Local Artist from Denver, CO. Unique designs for unique people. Horror fanatic. Fruit/veggie master. Lover of nerd things.”


Artist: Ruben Cabrera













Piano Title: Together, in Living Colors

Description: “As a kid growing up in the city, watching the many faces pass and hearing the stories from the people in my community – I’m often inspired to blend colors and expressions and experiences together – just as our lives are blended together for the betterment of community. I hope to stop folks with this piece, get them to search for all the faces and stories while listening to the sounds of the city.”

About the Artist: “Ruben’s family origins are from NY and Puerto Rico. He is an Illustrator and Muralist who draws inspiration from the numerous cities he’s lived and performed in… He’s written music and created film projects for nearly a decade before beginning his career as a painter.”


Artist: Thomas Raynor













Piano Title: Melodic Medley

Description: This piano is decorated with an incorporation of vibrant flowers, musical notes, and butterflies for a whimsical and calming feeling.

About the Artist: Tom was raised in Denver and was always involved in the creative arts, including being a Classical pianist since he was 14 years old. Tom is now a 52 year old single and sole parent of his 18 year old daughter. In 2011, after requiring lower back surgery, Tom was exposed to the MRSA staff infection and was terminal and under Hospice care within the first 30 days. Along with intense Physical Therapy, Tom survived and used Art Therapy (mainly painting), as a way of bringing calmness to his body and mind and retraining his brain and his ability to use his arms and hands.

16th Street Mall PianoCreated by the Downtown Denver Partnership and managed by the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District, Your Keys to the City encourages residents, employees and tourists in Downtown Denver to interact with their public spaces in new and spontaneous ways – while contributing to the vibrancy within our urban core.

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