Vibrant, Inviting, Thriving

The Downtown Denver Business Improvement District represents about 400 Downtown commercial property owners who invest in the vitality of Downtown Denver and create a vibrant, inviting, and thriving commercial core.

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The BID creates the most vibrant, engaging spaces where people want to be. Ensuring safety and cleanliness for tenants and visitors, we are cultivating memorable experiences that strengthen and support the economic vitality of the center city.

Downtown Denver 16th Street Mall Bike to Work Day

About the BID

Through maintenance and operations, safety initiatives, economic development, pedestrian environment enhancements, targeted visitor marketing and communications, as well as holiday events, lighting and decor that attract thousands of visitors each year, the BID continues to ensure that Downtown Denver is a world-class city, to the benefit of residents, employees, and visitors.

Downtown Denver 16th Street Mall trees

Economic Development

Downtown Denver's economy is thriving, and the BID works to build on this momentum to further strengthen the commercial core through assisting in funding various business recruitment and retention efforts, including leasing assistance, conducting surveys, and disseminating Downtown research and information.

Downtown Denver Security Team safety

Safe, Welcoming and Inclusive

Every day and every hour of the year, BID representatives provide continuous attention to detail and fund programs including a Private Security Team, sidewalk cleaning, trash and graffiti removal, as well as inspections of sidewalks, alleys, planters and lighting.

Downtown Denver 16th Street Mall

Pedestrian Environment

Creating an inviting pedestrian environment to stimulate economic activity is a primary goal of the BID. This is why the BID invests in trees, flower planters, streetscape enhancements, banners and wayfinder signs throughout the District, as well as in activities and events on the 16th Street Mall.

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