Denver Business Coalition on Homelessness

The Business Coalition on Homelessness was founded in 2019 by the Downtown Denver Partnership and business leaders to bring the resources, leadership, and voice of business together to collectively work with public and private sector partners, stakeholders, and the City to find and deliver solutions to homelessness.

Walter Isenberg, President and CEO of Sage Hospitality

The Denver Business Coalition on Homelessness is focused on seven key areas to help find and deliver solutions to homelessness, these include: Advocacy, Funding, Research, Education, Engagement, Cocreation, and Initiatives. The Coalition is Chaired by Walter Isenberg, President and CEO of Sage Hospitality.

Key areas of focus are outlined below:


  • Analyze proposed policies and take positions on proposed policies
  • Create innovative policy approaches
  • Cocreate policy with community
  • Monitor progress and speak to accountability on overall efforts and results


Raising funds is a critical piece to effectively move initiatives forward that support those experiencing homelessness.

  • Raise funds in the community to support initiatives, including projects, new approaches, and policy efforts
  • Build a fund to draw from for support of innovative approaches from community
  • Fund City efforts based on strategic plan
  • Fund self-identified new approaches


  • Benchmark best practices
  • Coordinate community field trips to understand what works elsewhere
  • Present best practices by bringing in leaders and experts to speak with the community


  • Educate community on issues and progress
  • Educate business on issues and progress
  • Host regular Town Hall events with leaders to provide information and answer questions related to homelessness in the community


  • Create channels for broader engagement on solutions and implementation
  • Connect people and organizations to providers
  • Engage other community partners including providers, policy makers, foundations and organizations


  • Create a platform for advocacy groups, community, business and philanthropy to create, lead and implement together to meaningfully address and resolve homelessness


  • Identify key focus areas of work, and the respective leadership groups to own responsibility for driving focus areas / programs forward and delivering results
  • Help drive key initiatives forward to support people experiencing homelessness in Denver

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