We are committed to building an inclusive City.

The Downtown Denver Partnership is committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive city. We know that when our City is diverse, representative, and equitable we will thrive today and for years to come. A more inclusive city is a more reslient city, a more resilient city is a more successful city.
Working collaboratively with our partners, the Downtown Denver Partnership implements a place-based economic development strategy to build an economically healthy, growing, and vibrant center city.

As citybuilders, we are committed to creating a place where all are welcome.

The Partnership encourages engagement across cultures, race and ethnicity, age, gender, and sexual orientation/identity, while respecting and seeking diverse viewpoints and intentionally encouraging diverse participation as stakeholders in our work to build this city.

We are committed to supporting the Downtown Denver community, and we strive to ensure it is a place where all are welcome to live, work, and visit.

“Inclusion is about welcoming, developing, and advancing a diverse mix of individuals. It’s about making all people feel valued, including changing practices that might unfairly benefit any one group, and making sure that everyone feels they have the same opportunity to advance and make an impact. Creating that environment is where the real challenge lies.”

Ellen Taaffe, Professor, Kellogg School of Business

Our leadership is committed to building an inclusive City:

In June 2020, the Downtown Denver Partnership Board adopted the following Inclusivity Statement and continues to champion this work through advocacy and engagement.

To further champion this work, we launched the Inclusivity Champions Program made up of 24 members representing a cross-section of our work.

Inclusivity Champions

Every Partnership Council and Committee has a designated Inclusivity Champion committed to ensuring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals are achieved in all areas of our work.

As an organization

We have committed to:

• Diversity and Inclusivity responsibilities built into all job descriptions.

• Intentionally diversify our hiring practices.

• Implement three diversity training programs per year for team members

We recognize that the transformational work ahead of us will not happen overnight. Our long-term commitment falls into the following areas that will serve as the starting point for in-depth assessments of existing systems and continued commitment to ensure the value of inclusivity permeates our organization.


  • Diversity and Inclusion Speaker Series
  • Colorado Companies United Against Racism
  • Listening and Learning for Members and the Community At-Large
  • Tool Kit for Members (Coming in 2021)


  • Attract and engage a wide array of members
  • Launch and build out Inclusivity Memberships Program
  • Build out councils with diverse representation
    • Proactively work to diversify members of councils
    • Integrate educational experiences for Councils to drive initiatives and strategies forward
    • Councils implement specific goals around areas of work to drive inclusivity – Find GOALS here
  • Stakeholder engagement for placemaking projects
  • Build out a team that is representative of our Denver Community

Implement (Impact):

Where Education and engagement come together through programs and initiatives such as:

  • The Commons on Champa
  • Denver Startup Week
  • Building a City for Women as an Economic Imperative
  • Public Art
  • Public Space Activation
    • The Outer Space
    • Meet in the Street
  • Placemaking
    • 5280
    • 16th Street Mall

Listen, Learn and Lead: Colorado Companies United Against Racism Pledge

We proudly co-created and encouraged other organizations to join us in signing a pledge against racism, which includes actions and accountability measures focused on the key commitments to listen, learn and lead to address racial equity in the business community. This work is an ongoing commitment to change.

Now is the Time for Action | Take the CEO Pledge to Advance Racial Equality

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Speaker Series

We produce an annual speaker series to educate and engage the community in important conversations surrounding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The focus of these sessions is to understand the confluence of citybuilding and inclusivity – bringing the history of our city to the forefront in order to drive change. Over 900 individuals have attended this year.

The D&I Speaker Series brings our Members and our community opportunities to learn and be empowered to make change in our City & their respective organizations. In July, we launched the first installment of our Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Series with Jay Pitter. In October, we gathered experts on the history of our diverse neighborhoods, and in February, we’ll be joined by Tamika Butler, a nationally-recognized urbanist who will discuss rebuilding with equity. We have been flooded with positive feedback on this educational series. And, this series has even sparked plans to make real change in the public realm which we hope to have more info on soon.

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Building the Team and Board of Directors

We are committed to ensuring that our recruitment, hiring, and retention practices nurture and affirm all team members, especially those who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color, women, staff members with disabilities, and LGBTQ+. We commit to assessing and expanding on our current practices to increase the diversity at all levels of our team, as well as our Board of Directors. In 2020 we appointed a Diversity and Inclusion chair to our Board of Directors to help drive our work forward.

All Partnership employees share a responsibility for recognizing, creating and implementing plans to promote diversity and inclusion within their respective programs and initiatives. Where applicable, this includes involving external stakeholders to coordinate and promote the Partnership’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The Downtown Denver Partnership views Diversity and Inclusion as a moral and economic imperative for building a great city.

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The Downtown Area Plan (link here)

The Downtown Area Plan, the 20-year vison for Downtown, was developed with a cross-section of thousands of individuals. Diversity, equity and inclusion are emphasized throughout the economic, mobility, housing and public space goals. Creating a Diverse City is one of the five primary vision elements, including the creation of a Mosaic of Districts.

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Programs Advancing Inclusion:

The Commons on Champa, co-founded by the Downtown Denver Partnership

The Commons on Champa

The Commons on Champa (LINK) Our entrepreneurial center at 1245 Champa Street, was launched to democratize entrepreneurship for all. It is recognized nationally for its focus on meeting the needs of underserved entrepreneurs, including people of color and women. Through our cohort programs, Women on the Rise and partnerships with nearly 90 other organizations, we served over XX individuals last year. Check out the most recent Impact Report here. XX

Downtown Denver Women's Council The Commons on Champa Equity

Building a City for Women as an Economic Imperative

Building a City for Women as an Economic Imperative Need a blurb here with link to study and action items.

Denver Startup Week

Denver Startup Week

Denver Startup Week is the world’s largest free entrepreneurial event. We celebrate all things entrepreneurial and remove barriers to resources, information, capital and connections that help people launch and grow their companies. • Need to include comments about speakers, Diversity Chair, etc.

Public Art

We believe public art should tell the stories and reflect the voices for all in a City. We have a deep commitment to public art. We founded the Denver Theatre District and Alleyways projects. These programs are used to showcase artists of color and amplify people of color in our community. Recent examples include, a powerful Black Lives Matter display on the D & F Tower via our Night Lights Denver program (an initiative with the Denver Theater District. We completed the curation and funding of 6 new alley art installations designed by women and reflecting countries of origin represented in Denver. LINK TO ALLEY ART