Building With Vision

At the Downtown Denver Partnership, we are building with vision. We are driven to make meaningful impact, and to get there we must plan with purpose.

With a bias for action, we are investing in tomorrow, executing today. This carefully constructed plan begins with creating an impactful culture and a business community that will support each and every citizen. Addressing challenges and opportunities head on, with thoughtful strategy as our guide. Our work spans a variety of initiatives that are interconnected and essential to building one of the most economically powerful center cities in the country. Initiatives-at-a-glace available here.

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2007 Downtown Area Plan

In 2007, the Downtown Denver Partnership and City and County of Denver assembled the community to develop a bold vision together, designed to achieve a vibrant, economically healthy, and vital center city. The 2007 Downtown Area Plan serves as our strategic guide, and with an unparalleled bias for action, we have experienced incredible progress in our dedicated and sustained efforts to realize each of the plan's vision elements. Backed by the 2007 Area Plan, the Partnership is engaged in several other city-wide plans that enhance the resident and visitor experience, create a vibrant retail market, embrace emerging technologies for mobility, and more. View our Board of Directors' support for Blueprint Denver, 2A: Parks and Open Space Tax recommendations, and 2020 CIP Priorities below.

Urban Forest Initiative

We struggle to support a healthy tree ecosystem due to Denver’s climate and infrastructure. That does not stop the Partnership and Downtown Denver’s stakeholders from strategically expanding the urban canopy to address the needs of the community.

upper Downtown Denver

Upper Downtown

The Downtown Denver Partnership recognizes the economic significance of the Upper Downtown District. With the area’s prime location—featuring a concentration of high-rise office towers, multiple mobility options, proximity to the Colorado Convention Center and city and state government complexes—Upper Downtown remains today the area with the highest concentration of jobs and tax base in the Metro Denver region. In an effort to energize this critical area of Downtown Denver, the Downtown Denver Partnership has convened the Upper Downtown Stakeholder Group to lead a planning effort.

The 5280 Loop is an initiative of the Downtown Denver Partnership that will create a world-class urban trail and transform how the public right-of-way is used in Downtown Denver.

The 5280

The Downtown Denver Partnership is leading a bold vision for The 5280 Trail. Prioritizing people, health, culture and nature, The 5280 is a new, distinctly Denver amenity, that connects many vibrant and diverse city center neighborhoods through the great urban outdoors, creating a powerful sense of place.

Downtown Denver Security Team safety

Security Action Plan

Completed in January 2016, the Downtown Denver Security Action Plan is a comprehensive and holistic look at how the private sector supports safety and security efforts. The plan details more than 240 action items ranging from improved lighting and management of alleys to enhancing communication programs among property owners and businesses.

16th street mall downtown denver

16th Street Mall

The 16th Street Mall is one of our city's most vital connectors and important public spaces. The Downtown Denver Partnership and Downtown Denver Business Improvement District are committed to every aspect of the Mall's internationally renowned design, construction and governance, and are stewarding its successful future.