16th Street Mall

The 16th Street Mall is Denver’s Main Street serving millions of people each year. Ensuring its sustainable and successful future is a key priority for the Downtown Denver Partnership.

16th Street Mall Reconstruction

The 16th Street Mall Project will revitalize the Mall from Market Street to Broadway, with construction beginning in spring 2022. Our goal is improving safety and mobility, addressing deteriorating infrastructure and creating more opportunities for the people who live, work and visit the Mile High City to enjoy the Mall for years to come. The Downtown Denver Partnership is proud to serve as a project partner on the 16th Street Mall Improvement Project with the City and County of Denver and RTD.


Beginning April 4, RTD’s Free MallRide service will detour to avoid construction associated with Denver’s 16th Street Mall Project. Construction will occur in phases, with the first phase lasting through June 2022. During this time, MallRide vehicles will detour to 15th and 17th Streets between Wazee Street and Arapahoe Street. Learn more.

Here’s what you need to know about the construction on the 16th Street Mall starting next month
Most importantly: You’ll still be able to walk around.

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The 2007 Downtown Area Plan identifies the 16th Street Mall as the premier pedestrian environment in the Rocky Mountain Region, an economic engine of Downtown Denver and linchpin for RTD’s regional transit network. As one of our city’s most vital connectors and important public spaces, the 16th Street Mall is visited by more than one million people per month, and an average of 45,000 people ride RTD’s Free MallRide shuttle service each weekday.

Now more than 35 years old, the Mall is in need of a clear plan for its future and the Downtown Denver Partnership and Downtown Denver Business Improvement District are leading the way to ensure its future success.

About the 16th Street Mall

For more than 30 years, the 16th Street Mall has been the most visited destination in Denver. Learn more about the Mall’s rich history and its role as a vital connector and important public space as well as the significant annual investments to enhance the experience on the Mall with place making and safety and maintenance programs.

16th Street Mall Facts

The Future of 16th Street Mall

Throughout the life cycle of the 16th Street Mall, we have embarked on a strategic and coordinated effort to inform how we steward its successful future. Equipped with an impressive collection of data and information, we are sustaining its great legacy. Learn more about the Mall Experience below.

The Mall Experience

Creating a Safe, Welcoming and Inclusive Environment

The Downtown Denver Partnership and Downtown Denver Business Improvement District are committed to ensuring Downtown Denver, including the 16th Street Mall, is a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment. Our comprehensive Security Action Plan and the work of the BID are supporting this work.

Security Action Plan Downtown Denver BID

Economic Engine

The 16th Street Mall is a powerful economic engine home to nearly 200 retailers and restaurants, including more than 40 sidewalk cafes, which generate nearly 40 percent of sales tax in Downtown Denver. Additionally, as one of our most vibrant public spaces, the 16th Street Mall is the most popular shopping and entertainment destination for visitors to metro Denver.

News, Updates and Events on the 16th Street Mall

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