Downtown Denver's Main Street

The 16th Street Mall is a powerful economic engine for the city, with 200 retailers and restaurants and generating 40% of Downtown Denver’s sales tax.

The 16th Street Mall is an economic engine in the heart of our center city, with many different uses. As the most popular shopping and entertainment destination in metro Denver, the Mall has millions of people visit each year, including 14 million annual passengers on RTD’s Free MallRide service.

16th Street Mall Facts

  • There are 200 retailers and restaurants, including more than 40 sidewalk cafes and approximately 20 Mall cart and kiosk vendors.
  • The Mall generates nearly 40% of sales tax in Downtown Denver.
  • The Mall is also home to:
    • More than 1,200 residential units
    • More than 5 million square feet of office space
    • More than 1,400 hotel roomes on the Mall
  • An average of 45,000 people ride the Free MallRide shuttle service each weekday.
Downtown Denver 16th Street Mall

Businesses in Downtown Denver

Explore the Downtown Denver Map and Directory, including the restaurants, retailers and businesses along the 16th Street Mall.

16th Street Mall Downtown Denver

Doing Business on the 16th Street Mall

Learn more about marketing services, hosting special events, the Mall vending program and sidewalk cafes.

Business Advantages and Economic Development in Downtown Denver

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