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The Downtown Denver Transportation Management Association (TMA), managed by the Downtown Denver Partnership, can assist Downtown Denver employers and employees with navigating the variety of available transportation options, passes, and programs.

We provide the following services:

  • Individual Company Commuter Survey Reports
  • Transportation Benefits Consultation
  • On-site Transportation Fairs and Presentations
  • Commute Trip Planning for new and current employees
  • Transit Pass Purchasing Assistance

To learn more about Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) visit CDOT’s website.

Commuter Survey

The downtown mobility system continues to support its workforce traveling to and through the city, and year after year more commuters are choosing to walk, ride a bike, and use transit than to drive alone. The results presented in the annual Downtown Denver Commuter Survey confirm that a strong commitment to providing increased access to multiple transport options reinforces our ability to move more people safely, affordably, and sustainably in our center city.

2018 Commuter Survey Results
Bike Downtown Denver

About Mobility in Downtown Denver

The Downtown Denver Partnership releases multiple reports related to mobility throughout the year. See below for analyses on the communting habits of those in our center city, as well as explore options for how to move around downtown.

Denver Moves Downtown Logo

Denver Moves: Downtown

Denver Moves: Downtown is a planning effort led by the City and County of Denver that is re-envisioning the city’s downtown transportation system. It builds off years of study and analysis to create a roadmap for implementing tangible near-term improvements that the hundreds of thousands of people who live, work, study, visit, and play in Downtown Denver will experience in the coming years, while also identifying a long-term vision for the future of mobility in the center city.

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The I-25 Central Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) study seeks to address current challenges and plan for the future. The PEL, led by the Colorado Department of Transportation, is currently developing alternatives to address the project Purpose and Need – improve safety, congestion, and travel-time reliability for the movement of people and goods. To get a comprehensive understanding of current corridor issues as well as the corridor communities’ visions, needs, and wants, the PEL team is engaging with a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

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