Downtown Denver:
The Way Our Workforce Moves

The Downtown Denver mobility system supports our workforce traveling to and through the center city. Again this year, more commuters are choosing to walk, ride a bike, and use transit than to drive alone. The results presented in this 13th annual Downtown Denver Commuter Survey confirm that a strong commitment to providing increased access to a variety of transportation options creates a system that moves more people safely, affordably, sustainably, and reinforces the advantage of a center city office location for employees and employers.


11.7 mi
Average one-way commute distance for an employee from home to work
Largest age group of commuters to walk or bike to work
Bike mode share has doubled since 2013 from 4.6% to 9.2%
Of people driving alone to work would choose transit as their first alternative to driving

Downtown’s Regionally Connected Mobility System

Employer Influence

Commuter Survey 2018 park

69% of employees are offered a subsidized transit pass and 29% are offered a subsidized parking space from their company.

Commuter Survey 2018 rail

68% of employees who receive transit passes fully paid for by their employers use transit in their commute to work.

2019 Downtown Denver Commuter Survey

Download the 2019 Commuter Survey Report

Company Reports

Companies with a significant percentage of responses can request a report which includes a detailed analysis of employees’ commuting habits, transportation benefit preferences, and more! Connect us with your transportation coordinator or human resources professional to get started.

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