Downtown Denver Partnership's Policy Advocacy Successes

With an unparalleled bias for action, we proactively advocate for transformative city planning and legislation that helps ensure Denver remains a vibrant, world-class city. The Downtown Denver Partnership has successfully advocated for these and other important policies and initiatives.

Denver Plastic Bag Legislation

Councilwoman Kendra Black and Councilwoman Debbie Ortega put forth an ordinance that would require retail stores to charge customers 10 cents for single-use plastic and paper bags. The bill, which passed unanimously through City Council, will go into effect in July 2021. The Downtown Denver Partnership’s Downtown Denver, Inc. Board of Directors took an official position of support, citing the proposal’s alignment with the Partnership’s efforts to build a more sustainable city.

Common Consumption Areas

In 2011, the Colorado legislatures passed a bill giving municipalities the ability to allow for common consumption areas. Since that legislation passed, the Partnership has been working with the City and downtown property owners and restaurateurs to explore the potential benefits and logistics associated with these special types of districts. In November 2019, the Downtown Denver Partnership was proud to support Denver City Council in their approval of a five-year pilot program for common consumption areas.

The Right to Survive

The Downtown Denver Partnership joined Together Denver, a broad, diverse coalition, to oppose Initiative 300 in an effort to support our city’s future and treat those experiencing homelessness with dignity. We believe in building a safe, welcoming and inclusive city. One where everyone can thrive, not just survive. We know that homelessness is complex, and not an issue with a “one size fits all” solution. We believe in the importance of continuing to work towards a multi-faceted, dignified approach that not only meets the needs of our neighbors experiencing homelessness but also provides empowerment through strong services, facilities, and resources.

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Healthy Parks & Rivers for Everyone

A 0.25% sales tax (25 cents on $100) increase. This measure was referred by Denver City Council to raise an additional $45 million annually to fund parks and open space in the City and County of Denver. The Downtown Area Plan calls for a greener city, and we know that parks and public spaces are a key part of that strategy. Core to our work is the understanding that well-managed, maintained and activated public parks enhance public safety, quality of life and economic growth. Passing funding for parks creates a dedicated funding stream for parks and open space as called for in the Outdoor Downtown Plan. Read a letter from the Downtown Denver Board of Directors for more information. On Monday, June 17, 2019, the Downtown Denver Partnership, represented by Beth Moyski, advocated that City Council pass the five year plan to implement 2A. View the plan below. The Plan was passed unanimously.

Support Caring for Denver


A 0.25% sales tax (25 cents on $100) increase to raise $45 million annually to fund mental health and addiction services for children and adults in the City and County of Denver. Mental health and drug addiction is an issue that we see and deal with every day as we work to build a safe, welcoming and inclusive center city. The passing this initiative will help us begin to more seriously address mental health and addition in our city.

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Breathe Easy Ordinance on the 16th Street Mall

Denver City Council has approved the Breathe Easy Ordinance, which prohibits smoking on the 16th Street Mall as of Dec. 1, 2017. The ordinance, which had the full support of the Downtown Denver Partnership and Downtown Denver Business Improvement District (BID) Boards of Directors, is designed to improve the quality of life and create a healthy environment. The Partnership and BID helped craft and advocate for the approval of this ordinance which will continue to ensure that Downtown Denver is healthy and welcoming for everyone.

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Diversity in Housing Type and Affordability

As our center city faces record growth and vitality, unprecedented changes and challenges are occurring in the housing market. Learn more about our work to ensure diversity in housing type and affordability by advocating for residential development, affordable housing and Downtown amenities as parts of this important equation.

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2017 Denver General Obligation Bond

Denver voters approved the 2017 GO Bond, which includes 460 projects spanning every aspect of the city, and the Downtown Denver Partnership and Downtown Denver Business Improvement District are pleased that included in the recommendations are several priorities to support achieving goals outlined in the 2007 Downtown Area Plan.