Stand with us and Vote No on Initiative 300

The Downtown Denver Partnership joined Together Denver, a broad, diverse coalition, to oppose Initiative 300 in an effort to support our city’s future and treat those experiencing homelessness with dignity.

Vote No on Initiative 300We believe in building a safe, welcoming and inclusive city. One where everyone can thrive, not just survive. We know that homelessness is complex, and not an issue with a “one size fits all” solution. We believe in the importance of continuing to work towards a multi-faceted, dignified approach that not only meets the needs of our neighbors experiencing homelessness but also provides empowerment through strong services, facilities, and resources.

Initiative 300, also known as Right to Survive, is on Denver’s May 2019 ballot. The initiative undermines public safety and the well-being of all Denver residents, including those experiencing homelessness, by preventing the enforcement of essential public safety laws.

Download REMI’s analysis: Impacts on the Homeless and Society by Granting Unimpeded Access to Public Space and the one-pager on the major impacts of Initiative 300.

Why Vote No on 300?

To protect our most vulnerable community.

Initiative 300 fails to provide real support for people experiencing homelessness and prohibits Denver from enforcing essential laws that protect public safety.

To preserve the places we love to live, work and play.

Initiative 300 will allow people to occupy all outdoor public places, including sidewalks and playgrounds.

To preserve our parks and trails.

Initiative 300 will allow people to occupy our urban including Skyline Park, Washington Park, and City Park and 14 mountain parks, including Red Rocks Amphitheater and Winter Park, indefinitely.

To support our business districts.

Initiative 300 will allow camping in Downtown Denver as well as in small commercial shopping districts throughout Denver neighborhoods that are home to locally-owned stores, coffee shops, and restaurants.

To support our public events

Initiative 300 will allow camping in Downtown Denver parks, which limits the ability to provide safe and fun public events.

Reading Between the Lines

Initiative 300 is broad, vague, and over-simplifies the issue. Read an annotated version of the ballot title, articles and definitions.

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How to Get Involved

Together Denver will lead the way in opposing Initiative 300. There are several ways to stay informed and get involved.

Together Denver Website Download the FAQs Download the Fact Sheet Sign up to Receive Emails, Host a Speaker and More

Together Denver in the News

Colorado Real Estate Journal | Opinion: Why I’m voting no on Initiative 300

A thoughtful voter needs to read between the lines and carefully consider the impacts that this broadly written and far-reaching policy could have on Denver, and particularly property owners.

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Colorado Politics | OPINION: Well-intended Initiative 300 will backfire on Denver’s homeless — and on the rest of us

Most of us are grateful to have stayed warm and watched the snow from the comfort of our homes while temperatures dipped below zero this winter. Sadly, that’s not the case for some Coloradans. The tragedy of homelessness has tugged at our heart strings and compels many of us to seek solutions.

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The Gazette | Editorial: Issue 300 leaves our homeless in the cold

Denver’s deceptive “Right to Survive” Issue 300 threatens to harm the homeless, the
state’s economy and some of Colorado’s finest urban spaces.

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The Gazette | Editorial: Denver threatens Colorado with right to squat

All Coloradans who care about the state should urge their Denver friends, relatives and colleagues to defeat ballot measure 300, deceptively called the “Right to Survive” initiative.

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The Denver Post | Editorial: We can help homeless without sacrificing public spaces

The most important vote that Denver residents cast this year may not be for mayor. A better candidate is a ballot measure most voters probably haven’t even heard of yet: Initiative 300, which would overturn the city’s ordinance that outlaws camping in parks or on sidewalks, or setting up residence in a car.

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