Explore The 5280

The key to The 5280 is linking together the mosaic of distinct downtown districts and adjacent neighborhoods and to build on their own unique features that provide distinctive identity to Downtown Denver.

The 5280 will link neighborhoods and connect people along a 5-mile urban trail that weaves through rich communities and key landmarks. The conceptual route builds on previous planning studies such as the Downtown Area PlanThe Outdoor DowntownNortheast Neighborhood Plan and Next Steps StudyGolden Triangle PlanAuraria Master PlanState Capitol Complex Master Plan, and more.

Conceptual Route of The 5280

The 5.280-mile-long trail will facilitate unique character zones for each neighborhood by showcasing local culture, iconic features, architecture and history with elements of a linear park providing community gathering and green spaces.

Visual Descriptions of Guiding Principles

Selected urban design and landscape elements will be present through all portions of the trail to inform the user that they are in-fact on the trail, however, it may quietly run through certain sections giving room for the local character and culture of the neighborhood to shine. The design process will follow the established guiding principles to transform the public realm and showcase each unique neighborhood.


Design Concept Vignettes

Below are artist renditions of what The 5280 could look like in various neighborhoods. The letter on each image corresponds to the location indicated on the map below.