May 2019 Clerk & Recorder Candidates

The Downtown Denver Partnership convened a Municipal Election Task Force consisting of Members and stakeholders representing a variety of industry sectors. The Task Force collected candidate questionnaires and conducted in-person interviews with over 50 candidates running for municipal office. The Partnership does not take positions on candidates, but rather believes in the importance of educating our Members and stakeholders on the positions and values of each candidate.

The candidates below responded to the Partnership’s request for a 12-question questionnaire and an in-person interview. The full list of municipal candidates in the order in which they appear on the ballot can be found here. Get to know these candidates (listed on the order in which they appear on the ballot) and learn about their positions and values regarding parks and public spaces; transportation, Initiative 300, and other topics important to the health and vibrancy of Downtown Denver.

Candidates that appear below responded to the Partnership’s request to submit a questionnaire and partake in an in-person interview. Candidates are listed in the order in which they appear on the ballot.

Peg Perl

As candidate for Clerk & Recorder, Peg Perl feels strongly about connecting citizens and stakeholders to government; and strengthening government ethics, the voting system, and the public's ability to easily access information about their government. Perl wants to be a conduit to residents, business owners, and stakeholders to access more information about what government does- including City Council, planning and zoning. As Clerk & Recorder, Perl would aim to break down silos in the Clerk's office, increase communications across departments, and create a unified, integrated platform for citizens to access information.

Paul López

As candidate for Clerk & Recorder, Paul López will work to increase accessibility to ballot boxes and improve voter turnout; preserve and digitize records to improve accessibility and build trust in government. López recognizes the great technology that Denver already has in place, but stressed the importance of using that technology effectively to get people out to vote. López has extensive experience in Denver government, having represented the community on Denver City Council for 12 years.

Sarah O. McCarthy

In our conversation with Ms. McCarthy, she talked about the opportunities to build upon the role of Clerk and Recorder if she is elected. McCarthy stressed the importance of maintaining and expanding trust of Denver voters. She believes the trust of voters is an invaluable asset that leads to increased participation. In addition, when people view their government as effective, they are more likely to participate. McCarthy shared that she would be an effective and efficient Clerk with a deep understanding of the role, robust experience in public administration, and vast experience working with Denver's diverse neighborhoods. Finally, McCarthy believes in stretching the public's money responsibly and adding innovation where necessary to ensure the Clerk and Recorder’s office is effective.

Timothy O'Brien

Incumbent Timothy O'Brien believes that Denver's Auditor should be a qualified professional that maintains independence from the work that they do. O'Brien prides himself on attracting and retaining an outstanding staff- one of the largest audit functions in the country- that is able to execute forward-thinking ideas and help maintain transparency in government. In addition to building a strong team in within the City, O'Brien stressed the importance of going out into the neighborhoods to take citizens' concerns and provide education.