Mayoral Candidate Profiles & Questionnaires

The Downtown Denver Partnership convened a Municipal Election Task Force consisting of Members and stakeholders representing a variety of industry sectors. The Task Force collected candidate questionnaires and conducted in-person interviews with over 50 candidates running for municipal office. The Partnership does not take positions on candidates, but rather believes in the importance of educating our Members and stakeholders on the positions and values of each candidate.

The candidates below responded to the Partnership’s request for a 12-question questionnaire and an in-person interview. The full list of municipal candidates in the order in which they appear on the ballot can be found here. Get to know these candidates (listed on the order in which they appear on the ballot) and learn about their positions and values regarding parks and public spaces; transportation, Initiative 300, and other topics important to the health and vibrancy of Downtown Denver.

Candidates that appear below responded to the Partnership’s request to submit a questionnaire and partake in an in-person interview. Candidates are listed in the order in which they appear on the ballot.

Penfield Tate

Penfield Tate's experiences spent immersed in Denver's public and private sectors inspired him to seek Mayoral office to lead Denver towards a greater sense of neighborhood and community. Tate is in support of Initiative 300 and has committed to get everyone off the street in his first 100 days through temporary shelters and outdoor encampments. Transit and mobility being one of his main priorities, Tate stressed the importance of intentional planning and easy-to-use, Denver-centric solutions to getting people in and around the city.

Michael B. Hancock

As the incumbent candidate, Mayor Michael B. Hancock is looking to sustain the momentum that’s been created in Denver and take it to the next level. He is running for a third term because he believes that as a City we have a lot of work to continue and he wants to finish job that he started. Mayor Hancock’s priorities are affordable housing, building out multimodal network, homelessness and sustainability. If re-elected, Mayor Hancock will look to ignite energy and opportunity in the city with a focus on becoming more inclusive and equitable. He says he is excited about addressing challenges. In addition, Mayor Hancock believes we can do more to support small businesses across the City. He says the more we focus on small business, the more successful we will be. Mayor Hancock sees an abundance of opportunity rather than an abundance of deficits in our growing City and looks forward to building upon this momentum in his next term as Mayor.

Jamie Giellis

Jamie Giellis is running for Mayor with the goal and intention of creating a greater sense of connection between citizens and their government and ensuring that all Denverites get experience the best of our growing city. Jamie stressed the importance of transparency and accountability in government; prioritizing funding for transit; and finding housing solutions that prioritize affordability and serving those experiencing homelessness. She believes that the Mayor's role is to be collaborative, engaging and communicative- setting a large table with a setting for everyone.

Lisa Calderón

Lisa Calderón's three campaign pillars are equity, fairness and justice. With a career built on public service work, Calderón believes in checks and balances and accountability; strengthening mental health services; and supporting workers' rights. Calderón's top three priorities when elected into office will be affordable housing, transportation, and climate change. She believes that revitalization of a city is tied to a strong economy, but believes that gentrification is a civil rights issue that must be addressed through anti-displacement policies so that workers and longtime residents can share in Denver’s prosperity.