Shaping the Next Generation of Center City Leaders

CityBuilders are a dynamic group of do-ers who come together to collaborate on big ideas that help shape our city. They are actively engaged in their community and want to take a tangible role in learning more about their community and what it takes to build great cities through hands-on programming.

CityBuild educates Denverites about city building techniques and provides them with the platform, connections and resources to create positive change within the center city. CityBuild is guided by a Steering Committee of Partnership members who have committed to a term of two years. The committee serves as the brain trust for the program and focuses on ways to engage the CityBuild community.


From a pop-up dinner for 250 Denver enthusiasts to a thoughtful speaker series focused on timely issues affecting our center city, CityBuild provides a collection of events and opportunities for CityBuilders to learn something new, meet new people and get inspired!


The #REALTALK Speaker Series focuses on different topics that affect our center city and give CityBuilders access to experts and thought leaders that are making an impact in Denver. #REALTALKS are panel discussions and are designed to take a deep dive on pertinent issues. Each #REALTALK session will have a different sponsor and different topic.


CollaborEAT is CityBuild’s most popular signature event. Each year, CollaborEAT transforms an outdoor public space into a dining experience for over 250-300 CityBuilders. The event is designed to educate and inspire, while providing a space for attendees to engage in discussion and innovative thinking around the opportunities and challenges facing our city.

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