CityRise: Transforming Business Leaders Into City Builders

CityRise educates and empowers civic leaders by providing a platform of programming that focuses on relationship building, professional development and awareness of key issues impacting Downtown Denver. The Downtown Denver Leadership Program is now part of CityRise. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming CityRise programs, events, and engagement opportunities.

About Downtown Denver Leadership Program

The Downtown Denver Partnership’s Downtown Denver Leadership Program develops Downtown Denver’s future leaders, educates participants about the economic importance of Downtown Denver, informs participants about the unique leadership opportunities and challenges that exist in a Downtown environment, and engages participants in creating the Downtown Denver of the future.

In-Person for 2022!

2023 information coming soon!

The 2022 Class Project | What it Takes to Build a 15-Minute City Each year the Downtown Denver Leadership Program class collaborates to unravel the complexities of building a city by tackling a project that is relevant to the work of the Downtown Denver Partnership and weaves together the various pillars of city-building. Success is never assured but understanding the dynamic challenges and opportunities of building a city, is. The 2022 Class Project will challenge participants to study What it Takes to Build a 15-Minute City and to identify opportunities in Downtown Denver to advance this timely vision. Whether the class chooses to embody this by raising awareness or executing a finished product, the choice is up them. Regardless, the class will complete the experience with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the collaboration, innovation and inclusivity needed to create a vital and vibrant Downtown Denver. Apply today for this in-person experience!