Transforming Business Leaders
Into City Builders

The Downtown Denver Leadership Program is a unique opportunity to foster professional relationships while lending your voice to projects that will strengthen Denver's core for years to come.

About the Program

The Downtown Denver Partnership’s Downtown Denver Leadership Program develops Downtown Denver’s future leaders, educates participants about the economic importance of Downtown Denver, informs participants about the unique leadership opportunities and challenges that exist in a Downtown environment, and engages participants in creating the Downtown Denver of the future.

About the Participants

The 90 participants selected for the Downtown Denver Leadership Program represent a cross-section of metro area employees and public, private and non-profit employers, and have demonstrated a strong commitment to the community, a passion for Downtown Denver, as well as interest in building their leadership skills in both their professional and personal lives.

The 2019 class project:
The Greening of Downtown Denver

Following the recent completion of The Outdoor Downtown Plan, the Downtown Denver Partnership has a strong vision for the greening of Downtown Denver.  The Partnership will create a premier outdoor experience by providing accessible and inviting parks and public spaces that contribute to an economically thriving Downtown Denver. There is work to be done.  For example, when measured against 20 other American cities, Downtown Denver ranked the lowest for urban tree canopy with only 4% coverage!

This year’s Leadership Program class project will focus on building a set of recommendations focused on The Greening of Downtown Denver. Through the class project, participants will gain a strong understanding of the City Beautiful movement, the economic importance of a resilient and eco-friendly downtown environment, and the incremental steps that property owners, business leaders and residents can take to soften our concrete jungle.

Past Class Projects

2018 | Civic Center Station: Convergence of Mobility, Development & Placemaking
2017 | The 5280 Loop: Linking Neighborhoods, Connecting People
2016 | The 16th Street Mall: A Space in Transition
2015 | Creating a 24/7 City – Growing Downtown’s Residential Population
2014 | Tactical Urbanism – Transforming Spaces into Places
2013 | Engaging the Next Generation of City Builders
2012 | The Downtown Area Plan – Five Years Later
2011 | Work Well, Live Well: Making Downtown Denver the Healthiest Workplace in America
2010 | We Create Denver: Positioning Denver as the Creative Capital of the Rocky Mountain West
2009 | The Space Between the Buildings: Activating Downtown’s Open Spaces
2008 | Putting Our Best Foot Forward: Enhancing Downtown’s Pedestrian Environment
2007 | Mission Possible: Greener Denver Businesses
2006 | You Can Get There From Here! Solving Connectivity Issues Between Auraria & Downtown Denver
2005 | Recruiting and Retaining the Best for DPS

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