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Take your seat at the table by joining a council of the Downtown Denver Partnership.

Do you want to make a lasting IMPACT on Downtown Denver?

Joining a council is your chance to step up to the mic and become an active city builder. Our councils span a broad range of strategic topics and are open only to our Members.

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Explore our Councils:


Economic Development Council

Economic Development Council identifies, develops and facilitates the Partnership’s role in city, regional and state economic development activities to enhance and maintain the economic vitality of Downtown Denver.

Member Experience Council

The Member Experience Council establishes strategies and policy recommendations to ensure that the Downtown Denver Partnership recruits and retains business members from diverse industries representing Downtown and is chaired by Adam Sands of FirstBank.

Mobility Council

Mobility Council, chaired by Laura Aldrete of DEN Real Estate and Denver International Airport, provides policy guidance and engages in planning processes to ensure Downtown Denver has enhanced mobility options and an integrated transportation network.

Public Realm Council

Chaired by Jon Gambrill of Gensler, the Public Realm Council provides policy guidance and tactical strategies to improve the overall experience of Downtown’s public spaces through urban design, activation, streetscaping and other public realm initiatives.

Housing Task Force

The Housing Task Force addresses challenges facing residential development in the center city. The task force reviews and advances housing programs, policies and initiatives that create and diversify housing opportunities in Downtown Denver and the surrounding center city neighborhoods.

Retail Council

The Retail Council pursues the goal of making Downtown Denver a metro and regional shopping destination by attracting national and first-to-market retailers to Downtown.

Women’s Council

The Women’s Council engages members who are committed to accelerating the growth of businesses founded by women in the Denver Metro region. The Women’s Council directly serves The Commons on Champa, the public resource center created by the Downtown Denver Partnership through innovative public-private partnerships to advance economic prosperity through entrepreneurship and innovation. The Council oversees Women on the Rise, a program of The Commons on Champa that fosters community and builds resource and support networks for entrepreneurial women. Please contact Jacqui Dietrich for more information.