2024 Downtown Denver Awards Jury

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Task Force Objective 

The Awards Jury is made up of approximately 25 Downtown Denver Partnership members representing a wide variety of industries, companies, and organizations. The Awards Jury is responsible for selecting the best projects/entities to be recognized for their significant contributions to the diversity, vibrancy, and uniqueness of Downtown Denver. We celebrate this diverse array of successes as our six annual Downtown Denver Award winners.  

Examples of Topics Discussed 

The Downtown Denver Awards Jury will focus on nominated projects/entities that have elements of the following characteristics: Residential Development, Urban Environment, Public Development / Private Development, Historic Preservation, Open Space, Economic Vitality, Education, Arts & Culture, and Attracting Visitors, Businesses and Residents to Downtown.  

The Awards Jury will use the 2007 Downtown Area Plan as their guiding document when establishing impact and relevance to the nominated projects/entities. The 2007 Downtown Area Plan focuses on growing the economic base, creating energized public spaces, and connecting everyone to everything. 

Application Requirements: 

  1. Must be active members in Downtown Denver Partnership 
  2. Hold expertise and industry diversity: Candidates are expected to possess a broad range of expertise across various industries, companies, and organizations.  
  3. Demonstrated Engagement: A history of active involvement in initiatives that contribute to the enrichment of Downtown Denver’s cultural, economic, and social fabric is highly regarded.  
  4. Prospective jurors should showcase a genuine commitment to celebrating diversity, innovation, and uniqueness in Downtown Denver.  
  5. Judicial Integrity: A sense of integrity, fairness, and objectivity are sought to maintain the credibility of the awards process.  
  6. Availability and Participation: Jurors are expected to be available for meetings, deliberations, and evaluation processes as outlined by the Downtown Denver Awards Jury participant outline.  
  7. Passion for Downtown Denver: An authentic passion for the development and betterment of Downtown Denver is a key attribute. Jurors should be genuinely invested in contributing to the city’s progress. 

Task Force Member Expectations 

Between weekly meetings and the work needed to be done outside of meetings, Awards Jurors should allot 3-5 hours per week for the duration of our meeting process. Exceptions to that include Awards Jury Tour Day (9AM – 3PM on scheduled day) and the time needed to research nominee to report out to the rest of the Jury (Awards Jury Presentation Weeks (weeks two and three)) 

Weekly meetings are strongly encouraged – Active participation in the entire selection process is crucial to the success of the overall Jury program and process of selecting our Downtown Denver Award Winners. 

Effective communication and collaboration abilities are vital, as jurors will need to discuss, deliberate, and reach consensus on the most deserving award recipients. 

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