City Scout’s Bike to Work Day Acoma Event

Staff: Sarah Toulmin

Meeting times: 4-5PM May 11, May 25, June 8, June 22

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Task Force Objective

To celebrate the inaugural Downtown Denver Partnership City Scout program and support the vision for the 5280 Trail, the Partnership is planning a celebration on Acoma Street on Bike to Work Day (June 28, 2023).

We are assembling a member task force to assist us in designing, planning, and executing this event.

The event will feature music, food, and speakers from the community to celebrate multimodal neighborhood connection projects in Denver and support the community’s progress and vision for the 5280 Trail.

The objective of this task force will be to:

  1. Capitalize on momentum from the City Scout program to help us create a memorable, engaging, and impactful celebration of the 5280 Trail through development of programming and curation of speakers/content for the Acoma activation.
  2. Create a community event to celebrate the 5280 Trail, advance the vision for the project, educates and inspire our community, and highlight key takeaways from the 2023 City Scout program.
  3. Attract an audience of key community stakeholders to the event.

Project Timeline

All task force members will be asked to attend 4 scheduled meetings spanning 60 minutes each and taking place on Thursday afternoons (May 11, May 25, June 8, and June 22) from 4-5pm.

Application Requirements

Qualifications required for consideration:

  • Attended the trip portion of the 2023 City Scout program in Indianapolis.
  • Interested in taking a leadership role within the City Scout program to plan an activation on Acoma Street as a follow up to the trip.
  • Passionate about advancing the vision for the 5280 Trail and supporting opportunities for civic engagement in Denver in general.
  • Has ideas on ways to make the Acoma activation a memorable, fun, engaging, and impactful celebration of the 5280 Trail and City Scout program.

Nice to haves:

  • Possesses a strong network of local Denver connections who may be interested in supporting, attending, and/or providing content for the Acoma event on Bike to Work Day.
  • Has ideas for the evolution of the City Scout program for present and future cohorts, including ways to shape ongoing cohort engagement and impact during the post-trip phase of the program.
  • Experience with event production and/or street closures.

Task Force Member Expectations

  • Strive to attend ALL meetings as outlined in this document and provide communication to Downtown Denver Partnership staff for necessary absences. One absence will be excused if communicated in advance. A virtual attendance option will be made available if a task force member communicates to Partnership staff at least 24 hours in advance that they are unable to attend in person.
  • Commit to attending the Acoma activation on June 28, 2023 which is tentatively scheduled for 4-9pm on Acoma Street between 11th Ave and 12th Ave
  • Prepare for meetings in advance by reading the agenda and any emails, reading materials sent prior to the meeting.
  • Arrive to meetings on time and stay until the end.
  • Serve as active discussion participants by listening respectfully to others, contributing to the discussion, and communicating ideas concisely.
  • Thoroughly complete assigned tasks by agreed upon deadlines.
  • Commit to the entire term of service as outlined in this document.

Task Force Member Code of Conduct

The Downtown Denver Partnership is dedicated to providing an inclusive, respectful, and harassment-free member experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion, national origin, political affiliation, veteran status, or branch of military service.

We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination in any form. Members or participants violating these rules may be sanctioned and/or expelled from the Downtown Denver Partnership at the discretion of staff; they may also be barred from participation in future Downtown Denver Partnership committees, task forces, programs, and events.

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