15th and 17th Streets Get Significant Upgrades, Partnership Boards in Support

October 24, 2019

The Downtown Denver Partnership’s Board of Directors has voted to support transit lane demonstration projects on 15th and 17th Streets, two of downtown’s most-traveled corridors. The projects include the conversion of general-purpose travel lanes to dedicated transit lanes on both streets, and bike lane upgrades on 15th Street.

Due to anticipated growth in employment and the residential population, transportation and mobility systems are at risk of increased vehicle congestion. Dedicating space for the use of transit vehicles has been proven to significantly increase the ability to transport people to and through an area.  Through the City’s Denver Moves: Downtown planning process 15th and 17th Streets were identified as having a need for additional capacity. 15th Street and 17th Street carry as many as 60 buses per hour in the morning and evening peak hours.

Denver Public Works began installation of these upgrades and, upon completion, dedicated transit lanes will exist on 15th Street from Court Place to Larimer Street and on 17th Street from Market Street to Broadway.

A before and after view of 15th Street. Photo credit: Denver Public Works.

The Downtown Denver Partnership is committed to building an economically healthy, growing, and vibrant downtown. Through this work, the Partnership believes strongly that enhancing infrastructure to the benefit of people walking, riding bikes, and using transit is key in decreasing single occupancy vehicle trips to and through downtown.

The Partnership would like to thank Denver’s Department of Public Works for their commitment to a well-connected, robust mobility network.

To learn more about the Partnership’s mobility work, click here.