187 New Pedestrian Lights on 16th Street Mall

November 22, 2016

187 New Pedestrian Lights Installed on the 16th Street Mall

Denver Public Works, with management and support from the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District, has completed the installation of 187 new street lights along the 16th Street Mall to improve aesthetics and enhance the pedestrian experience.

The new lights replaced aging fixtures, as well as lights that have been removed over time because of vehicle collisions. The new lights span the 16th Street Mall for 13 blocks from Market Street to Broadway. Lights were also added in critical locations, restoring the original distribution and balance of pedestrian lighting along the Mall. The new fixtures, which replicate the original iconic design, use LED light to distribute light more uniformly across the Mall, especially on sidewalks, and create a more inviting, safe space for everyone to enjoy. The LED lighting will also reduce energy usage and costs.

The project was funded through Downtown Tax Increment Financing Program funds distributed by the Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) and approved by the City of Denver. The City of Denver’s Department of Public Works is managing the overall lighting installation project.

Photos courtesy of Landscape Forms

“With more people moving in and out of Downtown every day, it is critical that we constantly work to keep the heart of our city a welcoming place to live, work and play,” Mayor Hancock said. “These new lights will enhance the experience of our unique Mall and create a brighter and more inviting, safe space for everyone to enjoy. I thank our partners for working to implement this critical effort.”

The lighting project is one of the many core initiatives that the Partnership and the City have co-championed to enhance the vitality of the 16th Street Mall. Enhanced Mall lighting was also one of the recommendations within the Downtown Security Action Plan, which outlines actionable recommendations to enhance the feeling of safety and security in the Downtown area.

“The City, DURA and the Downtown Denver Partnership have a decades-long history of working together to enhance the 16th Street Mall and its pedestrian experience,” said Tracy Huggins, Executive Director of DURA. “DURA is happy to be able to continue these efforts through this important safety enhancement.”

“The 16th Street Mall is one of our most vital connectors and important public spaces, and as the Mall ages we recognize the importance of improving Mall infrastructure while maintaining important elements of its iconic design,” says Tami Door, president and CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership. “As many as 70,000 people walk or ride the shuttle on the Mall on any given day, and we’ve heard loud and clear that improving lighting is one of the most important things we can do to improve upon the feeling of safety Downtown. Thank you to the City and the Denver Urban Renewal Authority for partnering with us on this important project.”

The Partnership previously worked with the City and DURA to extend Downtown TIF funds in 2013 for key projects within the Downtown Area, including the 16th Street Mall.